Welcome the cold season in “hygge” style

By Milda Urbonaite

When the days get shorter, darker, and colder, many of us dread the sadness autumn and winter seasons bring. Add the ongoing pandemic, and things look really dire. 

Seasonal affective disorder (or, ironically, SAD) is a real thing, but luckily there are many ways we can fight it. And one of those ways includes working with cozy and luxurious bits and pieces. Yes, we’re talking about the world-renown Danish lifestyle “hygge!

Even though there is no direct translation for “hygge” (pronounced hue-gah), it describes coziness, togetherness, and warmth. 

According to TheCultureTrip.com this 18th century Danish way of living applies to wellness, a happier life, and embodies interiors, decor, and simple pleasures shared with family and friends. 

Here are 7 ways how to welcome the cold season in “hygge” style.

Let there be light

One of the key elements of “hygge” is light. We’re talking about candles placed around the house, string lights, small lamps, and anything else to create a warm atmosphere. Harsh and overwhelming light is a no-no, so aim for more pieces rather one large overhead light.

It may be unusual in many cultures to use candles during the day, but Danes go for those little flames from the early morning. Why wouldn’t we?

There are plenty of various candles for different budgets, but if you can afford it – choose the highest quality, handmade, locally sourced candles that will lift the “hygge” experience up to another level. This especially applies to scented candles, so if you’re going for a budget option, skip the fragrance. 

Create texture and snugness

Doesn’t it feel great to curl up in a cozy nook with a book, a blanket, and a cup of tea? Well, it’s part of “hygge”! Snugness is crucial to enjoying the chilly days or rain behind your window. 

This means you’ll need soft, comfortable cushions, blankets, throw pillows, throws, linens, rugs… You want many different textures, so chose luxurious merino wool or cashmere, quality linen, silk, large and small knits. Go for natural and not synthetic fabrics.

These layers will create comfort and please the eye as a part of a beautiful and welcoming space. Choose a neutral and well coordinate palette such as shades of beige, whites, or other earthy tones. 

Choose vintage and personal items

Nothing makes you feel warmer and more connected to the world than an heirloom, antique, and vintage pieces. Many families have some in their possession for centuries, be it old books, photographs, paintings, frames, or furniture.

When you incorporate these personal elements into the interior, you’re always reminded of family and home. You’re also sharing it with anyone who comes in. 

If you have only a few pieces, you can always visit your local flea market, antique shop, or order some of these treasures online. It will be different, but the things will still invoke the feeling of history and simplicity. 

Lastly, you can restore old things and transform them into something beautiful. Danes are very environmentally conscious, so reusing and recycling are part of their daily lives. It will also give you something to do on a dark winter’s night.

Turn your bathroom into a sanctuary 

Everyone loves a SPA day. But you can make every day a spa day with a few special touches and luxurious items in your bathroom.

If you have more space, you can put a small vintage table or an armchair to sit in while you pamper yourself. 

But even a small bathroom can be a special place for rest, rejuvenation, and beauty rituals. 

Purchase quality towels, fluffy robes, add some scents (incense or diffusers), candles, and lamps. Dedicate a shelf for select luxurious products (serums, masks), and don’t forget a speaker for relaxing music while you decompress. A small BlueTooth speaker will do!

Go for simplicity

You’ve probably noticed that the classic Scandinavian style is clean and simple. The same goes for “hygge”. 

You don’t need to go overboard with new details and decor elements. The most important thing is to create a cozy, natural, inviting space.

When you’re getting something new, choose natural and rustic furnishings and accents. We’re talking selecting wood over plastic. Handmade over mass-produced. 

Spend time with family and friends

Sharing “hygge” with loved ones is the most important part of it. It can be both at the house or outdoors (Scandinavians are not afraid of colder weather. They simply wear warm clothing)! Depending on your personal social distancing situation, you will decide which option works best, but make sure you regularly get together. A laid-back picnic, dinner, or grilling afternoon is what you’re looking for. Add some delicious cocoa, tea, or hot wine, and life’s beautiful! 

Warm, but make it fashion

Let’s not forget “hygge” in your fashion choices! Vogue tells us to go for comfortable, warm, luxurious, and fashionable knits. You want softness, warmth, and layers from your socks to scarfs, sweaters, and cardigans!

You also want to make sure you are comfortable underneath and can easily remove the layers once you’re in a warm environment. Investing in quality base clothing such as high-quality t-shirts from FreshCleanTees.com is an excellent idea. 

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