Interview with Tyler King Photography

I believe my greatest achievement so far, as it pertains to photography, is the fact I have been published so many times in leading publications. I was shocked the first time a publisher reached out to work with me.

Tell us about yourself and what you do

Tyler King Photography (AKA Images By Tyler King) is my media company where I focus on capturing the beauty in the world. I have been featured in publications worldwide, and while this is not my primary occupation, it is definitely up there in priority as it is a deep passion of mine personally. I have been doing photography for a number of years and am considered an expert when it comes to lighting. I have taught numerous other photographers, beginners and those with more experience, about advanced lighting techniques. I am also skilled in postproduction, although I definitely am inspired by those with much more skill than myself in Adobe Photoshop and Capture One.

My primary role is an entrepreneur in several startups I have formed. I have lead a number of companies to market successful and today I spend most of my time consulting and leading my consulting firm Assuras as the CEO.

Who has inspired you in your life and why?
As it pertains to photography, I have always been inspired by art. I thought for the longest time I would never have any artistic talent, and even now I believe my skill is more technical than artistic, it is nevertheless an outlet for my creative side. I’ve been inspired by many artists who seem to amaze with ease in developing some incredible works of art. I am a fan of art in the renaissance period, as well as modern abstract. I’ve also begun to take up drawing some in my spare time that I manage to find, usually in the same genres as my photography work.

For photographers, I have always been a fan of glamor photography. There is an appealing nature to capturing images that move people, especially when it moves people to action. Art should make you feel something. It should provoke you. I’ve been inspired by several artists who have moved me personally and I attempt to create the same emotion for people who see my images.

What is your greatest achievement so far?

I believe my greatest achievement so far, as it pertains to photography, is the fact I have been published so many times in leading publications. I was shocked the first time a publisher reached out to work with me. I knew I had an eye for recognizing beauty, but didn’t admit the level I was at for a long time.

I’ve been published in several countries around the world and have had the chance to meet several wonderful individuals. I’ve seen the other side to glamor, which isn’t so glamorous, and I appreciate the human element of this work even more today knowing what it really takes.

I don’t believe I have ever been given an award for my work, nor do I expect one, but that might be something I would be proud of in the future. Just knowing people appreciate my work brings me a lot of joy and satisfaction. As such, I would have to say being able to impact so many people with my work has been my greatest achieve in photography to date.

Do you have any tips for our readers that are trying to break in the industry?

For those who are interested in breaking into photography, I feel like proper expectations initially are important. This is an incredibly competitive field and most who enter it cannot survive long enough to see their efforts pay off. There are a lot of incredibly talented photographers who can produce amazing works of art and you will be up against all of them. Achieving a commercially viable business is even a greater challenge. Margins are slim, especially with equipment cost raising all the time, as well as competition. It is rewarding, but as I did myself, I would not encourage many people to quit their day jobs to move straight into the industry.

The other piece of advice that I can offer that may be the most beneficial is take notes from those who are more experienced than you. Today, I know I have accomplished a lot of the field of photography, but I still consider myself a student and learning. I also feel as even after all these years, I still have not developed my style completely yet. I often try things differently on shoots and have not settled into one style of shooting or editing. The main thing is to keep pressing on and learning. Every new shoot is a learning experience for me and I try to give my all in my creations.

Tyler King Photography ( is an internationally published photographer that specializes in glamor photography. Visit his website or social media (Instagram – @imagesbytylerking) to learn more.

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