5 Best Jobs for Nature Lovers

nature lovers

Are you just choosing your future career? Or maybe you’re sick of your boring office job and want to finally do something you actually believe in and enjoy? Well, nature lovers don’t need to feel stuck at their corporate jobs anymore, especially with so many wonderful opportunities to have a job that will take you outside, among animals, plants and good people. If you’re a nature lover looking for a future career, here are a few best jobs to consider:

Conservation scientist

Conservation science sounds very complicated, but it’s just another term for forestry. This career requires a great deal of love for the outdoors because you’ll be taking care of the lands and the resources and protecting them from various threats. Your job is to help the government and landowners make good decisions on how to use their land (parks, national parks, forests, fields and other areas covered in nature). Similar to environmental scientists who are concerned with the study of air, earth and water, your job would lean more towards managing these resources. Depending on whether you’re leaning more towards research or management, both of these wonderful careers will fill you with pride and help you protect the earth.

Organic farmer

nature lovers

Once upon a time, farmers were connected to Mother Earth on a most organic level. However, today, thanks to all the mechanization, bulk production and modern farming techniques, farmers have lost their connection to nature completely. But not all is lost yet. If you love raising plants and animals and producing healthy and beneficial food, you can pair down the modern farming ideas and open a small organic farm. Organic farming usually involves a small operation, but that doesn’t mean your rewards have to be small as well. As you supply people with healthy food from farm to table, you can keep connected to the natural rhythm of our planet and earn a nice penny thanks to your loyal customers.


This is a perfect career opportunity for people who love to be outside, do things that are physical and are not afraid to get their hands dirty. A landscape gardener has a responsibility to prepare sites for landscaping, construct garden and park features (walls, fences, gazebos, pergolas, seating areas, etc.), plant trees, bushes and flowers, as well as handle irrigation, drainage, fertilizing and all other plant care. This job carries a lot of responsibility, therefore it requires formal training. Luckily, with many landscaping apprenticeship opportunities out there, you can easily learn useful things, earn your diploma and start getting money. Apprenticeship is valued everywhere in the world and you can get the best practical knowledge that will quickly get you long-term employment.

Conservation advocate

Are you not a stranger to activism (which is something many LGBTQ people know a thing or two about)? Do you love fighting for people, animals and ideas that can’t fight for themselves? A conservation advocate is the right career path for you. You will be working closely with nonprofit groups advocating for environmental protection, policy-making and conservation awareness. Your efforts will help people understand the importance of conservation and your work with organizations, agencies and stakeholders will help them create better planning regulations and decisions. Conservation advocate needs to be good with words because you’ll also be charged with meeting summaries, written reports and oral presentations. Make sure you wear the right attire for example a women black jacket. Expect to also participate in making policies, laws, programs and projects.

Park ranger

This is many a kid’s dream job. Being a park ranger involves a lot of time spent outside in beautiful national parks. Your job would be to check out campgrounds, trails and other park areas and ensure the safety of visitors, animals, plants and everything else in the park. A ranger also works closely with people by guiding tours, answering questions, explaining park rules and enforcing laws concerning pollution, fire safety and animal safety, as well as being a part of search and rescue missions. This is a dream job of many nature lovers, so the competition is high, so always stay on the lookout for openings.

There are so many other careers out there perfect for outdoorsy people, so you really don’t have to stay stuck in your city job. These jobs for nature lovers will not only give you a change of scenery but also bring you even closer to Mother Earth, boost your physical and mental health and allow you to do plenty of good in the world.

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