Express Your Passion with Teacher Shirts

Teachers are the unsung heroes of society, shaping the minds of future generations with their knowledge, dedication, and passion. What better way to showcase…


Under The Sun Protection

Monica Yvette “When I am under the summer sun, it’s in the hottest states. Of course because I am hot” Summer or sunshine is…

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mind, body, spirit

Integrating Mind Body and Spirit in Caregiving

Traditionally, when the word ‘health’ has appeared in text or conversation, it has primarily been associated with the body’s physical condition. Illnesses with symptoms…

hay fever, Allergic rhinitis

Helpful Advice for Managing Hay Fever

Allergic rhinitis, more commonly referred to as hay fever, is a condition affecting the eyes, nose, and mouth in various ways, and contrary to…



Juggle Fitness and Work

Balancing fitness and work can often seem like juggling fire; exciting, daunting, and potentially hazardous if you lose your rhythm. The modern world presents…

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