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“When I am under the summer sun, it’s in the hottest states. Of course because I am hot”

Summer or sunshine is a time for fun. However, research shows that spending time outdoors is healthy and good for your well being. Safety is important when dealing with UV ultra violet rays.

People with darker skin are much more lucky and do not sunburn as easily however, everyone can get skin cancer and melanomas. The Skin Cancer Foundation claims, sun exposure is also responsible for up to 90% of the visible signs of aging.

It is recommended by dermatologists that you use an SPF of 30 or higher to prevent skin damage. Ensure that your sunscreen is “broad-spectrum” to protect yourself from ultraviolet A and B, known as UVA and UVB, rays.

It is amazing that sunscreen can do so much for your skin. Or that we depend on it to protect us. So where did it come from? No doubt sunscreen saves the day. But who should we give the credit to for this wondrous find? In the late 1960s. The first bottle of sunscreen appeared on store shelves. Attempting skin protection. It wasn’t until somewhere around 1972, that labeling of SPF, was introduced here in the U.S.

How was sunscreen invented?

Well I think individuals had to create their own homemade solutions. Yet there were two individuals that really brought this product to the market.

  • The first was in 1938 Franz Grieter, a Swiss chemistry student who was severely burnt while climbing mount Piz Buin. In 1946 Mr. Greiter’s product, named Gletscher Crème (Glacier Cream), opened to the market by the brand Piz Buin, and is still sold today. The first to invent sunscreen but not the first to market.
  • In the 1970s another great breakthrough happened, Piz Buin introduced ultraviolet A and ultraviolet B filters.
  • Then in 1944 came Benjamin Green, World War II airman and pharmacist. This man needed to protect himself and other soldiers he worked with from ultraviolet rays. His main ingredients were “red vet pet” (red veterinary petrolatum) and cocoa butter.

Weather Conditions

September weather can be very rough especially in the desert and beach areas. Depending on your location, the remaining days of the month will still feel like summertime. In the United States of America for most of September, it can still cause sun burns when you are out in the daytime. Locations that are coastal like Los Angeles and Florida remain beach worthy and hot with high temperatures. If you are somewhere around New England and the Midwest regions things will be cooling down for you.

Tourists, average high and low temperatures will dip vastly more than most locations, if you are at many of the top tourist locations. Due to water reflecting from the sun. Remember to use caution when going to the beach or pool? Surfaces will reflect 85% of the sun’s rays.

What kind of sunscreen should people use?

There are so many choices and prices for sunscreen. Right, so I think it is not about the price but what ingredients are in the product. So let’s pay attention to The Skin Cancer Foundation. Which believes that the best sunscreen is the one you are most comfortable with using. As long as it provides safe and effective protection, and of course is broad spectrum SPF 15 or a higher level. Consistent is key here. I find that to be great advice.

Sunscreen ingredients: what is the difference between physical and chemical sunscreen?

UV radiation is dangerous. Sunscreen includes active ingredients that help prevent the sun’s UV radiation. From damaging your skin. Here’s how those types of sunscreen work on you.

ingredients for physical (mineral) sunscreen (mineral based would be including the dioxide, titanium and zinc oxide which scatter and block the UV rays (like a shield) before they penetrate your skin.

Ingredients for chemical sunscreen (like avobenzone and octisalate act by absorbing UV rays (like a suction cup) before they destroy your skin.

What does SPF mean?

SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor. Each number will tell you how the timing for the sun’s UV rays would take to sunburn your skin. Follow the directions when you apply the sunscreen. Exactly as directed. When you compare the amount of time without sunscreen. Basically, if you use an SPF 30 the right way, it would take you 30 times longer to burn than if you had not used sunscreen.

Decrease your risk factor of skin cancer

Regular daily use of SPF 15 sunscreen or higher levels can reduce your risk of squamous cell carcinoma (SCC), experts say by about 40 percent. And lower your level of melanoma risk experts say by 50 percent.

Who should use sunscreen? Everyone under the sun needs to take care of their skin. I usually do not but now I see the importance. I have had the worst burns in Malibu California.

This includes those individuals who tan well. Your skin damage is based on your whole life time. So it’s not just that last weekend you recovered from. Your skin is keeping count whether or not you have gotten a burn.

Babies should always be kept out of harmful sun situations. Remember their skin is extremely sensitive. Especially infants.

“When I am under the summer sun, it’s in the hottest states. Of course because I am hot”. That is where I belong. I have tried the regular store brands in Sarasota Florida but nothing under 50 SPF worked on my face. Even though 30 SPF is required for facial skin. Usually the requirement is between broad spectrum SPF 15 or higher, SPF 30 or higher for a day outdoors not in direct sun.

When should you use it? It is suggested everyday 30 minutes prior to going outdoors. And reapply every two hours. That is a lot of work. The area where you should apply would be all over your exposed skin. Alright so about how much you should use. That answer is about an ounce or two to the entire body for each time you apply. Ok everyone we are doing this because it will greatly reduce your risk of damage and skin cancer. So it’s really for you, so try it out.

If you have already been burnt by the sun many suggest aloe vera. But I suggest diaper rash cream with the highest level of zinc you can find. It works by pulling a lot of the burn out. And it clears up mild acne. Thats a double win.

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