Interview with George Goodwin founder of Arithmetics sports

I have a unique thought process. I keep the sneaker head in mind but with a casual street wear aesthetic.

Tell us a bit about yourself?

 My name is George Goodwin aka Layze. Born and raised in East Baltimore MD. I can say I was born with the ability to be creative and have I eye for quality overall. My first love is and will always be music I’ve been making beats and Dj’ing since 10 my uncle helped me perfect it. My second love is art the ability to create is definitely a gift I appreciate from the Most High. As I continue on this journey called life I will stay focused on my purpose, give back and help as many people as I can.

What was the inspiration for starting your brand?

The inspiration for starting my brand was from the first time I seen a picture that someone hand drawn embroidered on a sweat suit. I was in the 8th grade. It was truly love at first sight lol. I was hooked and wanted to see my drawings embroidered on a shirt or a hoodie. At the time I didn’t really care to much about the message that was being promoted or the name of the brand I just liked how the design looked embroidered. Only later I learned that if I was to go down this road that I would have a positive message behind the brand and show off my art through fashion.  So came the birth of Arithmetics sports. The story behind the brand goes deep I need to do a “Meaning Behind the Brand Video” on YouTube or something lol.     

Talk us through the design process. Who do you have in mind when designing your pieces?

My design process is pretty simple I keep embroidery in mind and see what can I create that looks good on a garment that would get a second look if you were to see it on someone passing them on the street and also something that can have different colors if need be. I have a unique thought process. I keep the sneaker head in mind but with a casual street wear aesthetic.

Is there anything that you wish you would’ve known before starting this business?

Yes have a plan. Have an idea of your end goal or what you would like to be your high light in this industry because that will keep you grounded and focused. Also knowing the difference from creating a logo brand vs. cut and sew.

How have you been able to grow and set yourself apart from other brands?

I would say a part of my growth has been the constant eagerness of finding the highest quality blank T-shirts and garments as possible. From finding the best blends of cottons, polyester, thread counts, weight of the garment down to selecting fabrics that is not heavily chemically treated for color sustainability. By my designs mainly being embroidered designs I can’t use light weight cheap materials. I would say what sets me apart from other brands is the custom color experience I offer to match any shoe in your closet with a high quality garment and not some generic box store design that comes out with a new sneaker release. Also I don’t follow trends and I stay in my own lane.

What is your vision for the future?

My vision for the future is to have flagship stores nationally and internationally, like in Milan, New York, LA and London to name a few.


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