Why Siita Is Called “Apple of Cosmetics”

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A sustainable brand is the next level of entrepreneurship.

Before we continue, what is a sustainable brand?

Based on many trusted online sources, a sustainable brand is the brand that is not only focusing on making a profit but also focuses on making a better world and better humanity.
A sustainable brand can balance the three aspects of its business: the Business aspect, the Environment aspect, and the Social aspect. Simply, the business owner is not only focusing on “making more money” but also thinking about “the impact on the environment and humanity.”
For instance, sustainable brands will use natural ingredients instead of chemical components which produce harmful waste that could badly affect the environment.
But Siita has stepped up way more than this.

Here are the 5 reasons why Siita is called a sustainable skincare brand, also as “Apple of Cosmetics”:

They Are Not Only Focusing on Profit, but They Care about the World

사람이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명

It’s been a long time; we know that so many bad companies constantly focus on making money, money, and money without thinking about anything else.

They often exploited nature to get more profit for their company. For example, they cut down many trees in the forest without reforestation. And then when the heavy rain comes, there will be a worst-landslide happening in that area.

SIITA is taking seriously the impact they can give to make a better world. For example, they use a vegan ingredient for their skincare products. And also, they use easily-degradable material for their packaging.

Even a famous artist like Jeremy Renner posted a supportive comment on SIITA’s Instagram post:

“I love and support your commitment to sustainability!!!” - Jeremy Renner said in his comment.

They Care about Humanity through SIITA Project

SIITA Establishes A Zero-Waste System That Will Change The Paradigm For  Solving Environmental Problems

Most companies only concern about their profit without thinking about the people in need. In reality, there are a lot of people in need out there. Start with a single mother struggling to raise her kids, a homeless person struggling to find some food for his daily life, and more.

It’s different from what SIITA did.

SIITA has a project called SIITA project. This project focuses on helping people in need and organization that makes more effort for a better world. Some of SIITA’s profits will fund this project.

The customer can join this project by simply purchasing the product. And then, there is a unique code on the product package needs to be input into the SIITA website to join this project. Withing some clicks, voila, you can join it!

They Use Vegan Ingredients, Not Animal-Based

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Based on PETA.org, there are many badly-poisoned animals and then killed barbarically. This sad thing happened because some companies use animal ingredients and test their product on animals.

To reduce this cruelty, we need to start using the product with vegan ingredients. Using vegan ingredients product have many benefits. For example:

  • It can save the animals from cruel testing,
  • It is better for our skin because it contains more vitamins and antioxidants
  • And more.

SIITA uses vegan ingredients for its products. As evidence, SIITA has certified vegan ingredients from EVE Vegan and V-label European Vegan Union.

These certifications prove that SIITA is serious about taking care of the environment.

Their Product Package Go back to Nature

sustainable brand

There are many non-degradable plastics flood our world. Those things are badly impacting our environment. From the news, we often watch or read that many sea animals are struggling with plastic wastes.

SIITA uses bio-degradable material for its packaging. That means the package itself can be easily degradable. It will take 80 days for SIITA’s packaging to be degradable. This is why SIITA is introduced as the “Apple of cosmetics” in news articles.

It’s clearly that the Bio-degradable packaging can save the environment.

SIITA also uses recycled paper for its boxes, tapes, and buffers. Wonderful!

New Zero Waste: Every Aspect of Their Product Is Useful

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자동 생성된 설명

You will not have any waste when you use SIITA products.

Everything is functional, from the cream to the packaging and wrap boxes. New Zero Waste, they called it.

New Zero Waste is a movement that focuses on taking advantage of all aspects of the product, from the product itself to the packaging. Often, we will not use the packaging again after the product (read: boost toner, daily cream, etc) runs out. Here is the New Zero Waste plays a role.

SIITA will collect the unused product packages from the customers. Then, they will wash it until it is clean, then crush it into small pieces before sending it to an eco-friendly composting site.

Eventually, the package of fully used products becomes high-quality compost without any kind of plastic. SIITA will supply this compost to local farmers and communities.

That package returns to nature and becomes into very valuable compost for farmers.



Final Thought

Let’s do a good thing for our planet!

We will indirectly contribute to making the world a better place if we buy or use products from sustainable brands. It can save more animals from cruel testing, save the ocean from bad plastic, bring back the good side to our mother nature, and more.

Better to make a wise decision now! Your simple action of buying the product from a sustainable brand can positively impact our environment.

Better decision = better environment = better world.

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