4 Tips for Creating a Cozy Meditation Space

meditation space

Meditation is a time for reflection and calm, so you should meditate in a comfortable and cozy space. Such spaces require storage, privacy, and more.

Meditation is an important practice for our mental and physical health. While different meditation techniques exist, they all help us reflect, relax, and focus. If you want to meditate but are struggling to do so, you may need tips for creating a cozy meditation space. Learn them below.

Keep Closed Storage Options Nearby

It’s difficult to feel cozy or relaxed when we can see clutter. While many people meditate with their eyes closed, the awareness of the nearby clutter can still distract you from your meditation. If possible, choose a place that’s naturally less cluttered, such as the corner of a hallway or outside on a porch. If you need to meditate in a specific spot that tends to gather clutter, then keep closed storage nearby. Toss things into the storage container, close the lid so that you can’t see them, and start your meditation with an equally clear mind.

Add Room Dividers or Curtains if You Don’t Have a Door

One way to help keep clutter out and maintain your focus during meditation is with a physical barrier. If possible, we recommend meditating in a room with closed doors. For example, you could create a meditation corner in your home office and close the door before each meditation session. If you can’t meditate in these closed spaces, then you can add physical barriers, such as room dividers or curtains. While they aren’t as solid and protective as doors, they still afford privacy and can help keep your space clean.

Decorate for All Five Senses

Once the clutter in your private meditation area is gone, you can decorate it. Decorating is fun, so it’s easy to get carried away. We suggest limiting your decorations to ones that engage your senses. Pick one decoration to correspond with each sense. For example, you may want to burn a soy candle to engage your olfactory sense of smell. Just make sure you consider soy candle size and burn time so that you can use it correctly. Move through the rest of the senses to pick the rest of your decorations.

Choose Décor That Matters to You

As you pick our decorations for your senses, make sure you choose décor that matters to you. Don’t just pick a candle, comfy pillow, or flavored beverage because you’re supposed to. Pick decorations you love that will encourage you to relax and embrace your meditation space. For example, you can get a candle in your favorite calming scent, a comfy pillow in your favorite color, and your favorite beverage.

These four tips for creating a cozy meditation space will help you fully relax during your meditation sessions. That way, you can embrace the complete mental and physical benefits of meditation.

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