5 Reasons Why You Need a Sun Hat This Summer

Did you know that a sun hat can save you money?

Many people assume that sun hats are too expensive. But wearing a sun hat prevents you from needing to buy aloe from sunburn, sunglasses, and more.

Sun hats have actually been a fashion staple for decades. In the summer, it’s important to prevent as much sun exposure as possible. Harmful UV rays hurt our skin, but sun hats help protect us.

And UV protection is only one of many benefits of wearing a sun hat.

If you’re interested in learning five reasons why you should buy a sun hat for this summer, then keep reading!

1. Keeps You Cooler

If you wear a big enough hat, you can cover your entire face, neck, and shoulders. This means that almost the entire upper half of your body is in the shade, which keeps you cooler.

Wide-brimmed sun hats are the best option if you want fuller coverage. Furthermore, you should consider the color of your hat.

White or lighter colors keep you much cooler than black hats. Dark shades absorb the sun’s energy and trap heat. But by wearing a white sun hat, you’re avoiding that possibility.

2. Prevent Sun Exposure

UV rays from the sun damage collagen and elastin in your skin. This leads to wrinkles on your face and neck.

Though we don’t want our skin to show signs of premature aging, it’s also important to prevent sunburn. With frequent sun damage runs the risk of skin cancer.

Tight-knit hats allow fewer UV rays to shine through, and there are plenty of amazing summer hats to choose from like this.

3. Different Styles to Choose From

Not only do you want your sun hat to protect you, but it should also be stylish. There are a few different styles of sun hats you can choose from:

  • Wide-Brimmed
  • Shade Cap
  • Floppy Hat
  • Bucket Hat
  • Fedora

Sun hats for women offer almost all these styles, so if you’re interested, click for more shopping options.

4. Improves Your Visibility

Have you ever found yourself squinting from sun glare? A good sun hat keeps the sunlight out of your eyes.

If you’re worried about premature aging, squinting too much may trigger wrinkle formation around your eyes. But wearing a sun hat prevents eye strain and squinting by keeping the glare out of your eyes.

5. Helps Skin Conditions

Though some people believe that sunlight helps their acne, it actually makes it worse. By allowing your acne to dry up in the sun, you’re drying out your skin.

When your skin is too dry, it will increase oil production to compensate for the lack of moisture. With a higher oil content, your skin has a higher chance of breaking out than before.

Cold sores are also triggered by the sunlight. By wearing a hat that covers your face, you can protect your lips and the surrounding skin.

Buying a Sun Hat

With record high temperatures, you should invest in the best sun protection possible for this summer. By adding a sun hat to your UV protection arsenal, you’re only helping yourself.

Wearing hats can add to your style and keep your skin healthy with minimal effort. Now you know at least five benefits of wearing a sun hat and why you should buy one.

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