Johana Arenas Beauty Expert

If you know what skin type you have, it will be much easier for you to choose the care that suits it. But what skin type do you actually have? Sensitive or impure skin? Take Johana’s Skin Analysis and find out! You will also receive personal tips from the skin expert about which care routine suits your skin best.

Johana Arenas has 8 years’ experience as a beautician. She grew up in Venezuela so she was exposed to the importance of aesthetics from early on and developed a passion for all things beauty. Her services include massage, facial cleansing, lymphatic drainage, waxing, lash lift, eyebrow henna, radio frequency and led therapy.

Skin analyses

As a skilled aesthetician, Johana Arenas has a deep understanding of the skin and the ability to accurately assess its condition. Skin analysis is a fundamental step in any skincare treatment, allowing to personalize her approach to address your specific needs.

Skin issues such as:

wrinkle formation

presence of pigment spots

size of the pores

structure of the skin (texture)

red vessels and red areas

Brown stains

UV damage in the skin

Advice regarding the condition of your skin

Johana provides advice regarding the condition of your skin and which substances you should avoid, which components of creams suit your skin and which products are best to use and why. The skin therapist can provide independent advice on which care product is most suitable.

Follow up treatment

Every skin is unique, reacts differently and requires specific care. Johana can also advise you about possible follow-up treatment. Various cosmetic treatments are performed at the beauty clinic such as rosacea treatment, skin-improving treatments and reducing pigment spots with excellent results.

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