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There are those for whom the top floor isn’t just a place to sleep, it’s an address, and an address isn’t just where mail is delivered. It says something before you’ve even uttered a word and in certain circles, that means something.

Access. It’s all about access and in a world where finding the right people to activate the right experiences for you is becoming increasingly paramount, you’ll need to know why luxury living isn’t just a standard of living, it’s the manifestation of achievement, of attaining a certain privilege and of sharing that with like-minded individuals.

Now, how that level of luxury is defined by todays’ standard will not be the same tomorrow, because so much of what we experience as exclusive or “first-class” is fleeting. So how do you stand out in a world that keeps on beating you to the challenge?

The answer is simple: by being timeless. Here’s how.

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We’ve all heard the famous quote by Leonardo da Vinci:

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”

Sounds good, but that’s not what we’re going for here, at least not in the ways that one might expect. If you’re trying to distinguish yourself as an operator in the fashion or luxury goods and experiences industry, or as a model – you have to know that being noticed – and standing out are not always the same things, and depending on how you do it, desirable.


Not just any party or event counts, so that means you need to get onto the inside track of what is happening where and most importantly – who is on the guest list. This is where a company like the Select Black Card can be very useful. It’s the black card for Millenials and will get you into some of the best parties in some of the best locations without having to fork out ridiculous membership fees or concierge bribes. (Admit it, you’ve done that).


Choosing the right accessories is not just a matter of the biggest or the shinest, but it is going to be important that you find the right bit of bling that doesn’t show you up as a wannabe – while still presenting you to society as a rightful member. Brilliant Earth can help you do that.


It is going to cost you money to make money and in this industry making money is absolutely about who you know and how they’re going to get you to the next level. That means if you’re chasing the jet-set life, you’ll need to attend the right events – more on that, here.

Remember that all of this isn’t about vulgar displays of wealth or ostentatious behavior around “the right people”. Luxury is timeless and knowing why Monaco’s still got it, is part of the experience.

But even while you’re out there carving out your career and getting access to the people that are going to help you do it, always remember that authenticity and confidence are the two accessories that are never going to go out of style.

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