How to reduce stress and sharpen your mind with online gaming?

After gamers have been bombarded with the alleged negative effects of their hobby for years, the real scientific arguments sound a lot more positive today. Online gaming can be a huge stress reliever and can even help you sharpen your mind.

Gaming has been a therapeutic method for some time

Play therapy and video games have been used therapeutically for some time, but interest continues to grow. This is due to the pandemic that caused therapists to become overbooked. Prescribing games aimed at mental well-being were found to provide a solution in the therapist’s shortage.

Puzzles sharpen your mind

Many games contain cleverly disguised puzzles that put the player’s creative problem solving skills to the test. With online puzzle games at the forefront, but also a lot of adventure, platform and role-playing games appeal to creative and out-of-the-box thinking. One of the games I really enjoy playing is Cooking Mahjong. In this game you have to combine certain ingredients to complete the recipe. Who knew it could be so much fun to learn new recipes. There are other versions of Mahjong that you can play for free such as Solitare, Panda and Golden Autumn. It’s entertaining and at the same time your problem solving skills are put to the test.  

online gaming
Online Game: Cooking Mahjong

The future is digital

Everyone saw the world become a lot more digital in a short time. For many, video games have eased that process quite a bit. For children and young people growing up in this digital world, also known as digital natives, games are an entertaining and accessible school for a future full of touch screens, digital communication and computer technology that has penetrated into almost every aspect of daily life.

Escape from the everyday stress

Sure, games can push your heart rate into high gear. But even that kind of “stress” can take away your “real stress.” Gaming for me is an entertaining escape from the everyday stress or routine. Some time for yourself in a virtual, especially different world. One of my favorite games that I play after work is the hidden objects game. There are a lot of different versions of this games that you can play for free for example the Palace hotel and Garden Secrets. In this game you have to find the hidden objects, there are 10 levels and each level gets unlocked when you succeeded the previous one.

Online game: Garden Secrets Hidden Objects

It helps you think ahead

Admittedly, many games often revolve around the right reaction at the right time. However, that doesn’t stop games from teaching the player to think in the medium and long term. Do you use that power-up or laboriously gathered skill now, or save it for a later moment when you might really need it? In which talent of that role play do you invest, even if it will only pay off twenty hours later?

It’s good for your brain

There are several studies that concluded that gaming is good for your brain. One study compared the brain activity of two groups, one of which had played games for just half an hour. That study established a few interesting facts in the game group. The part of the brain responsible for making decisions, personality and planning showed growth. Just like the right hippocampus which plays a role in how we process information. Also, the cerebellum, charged with fine motor skills, was measurably larger than in those who hadn’t just played games.

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