4 Low-Key Dream Wedding Ideas For The Pandemic Season

pandemic wedding

A pandemic wedding may leave you worried about the budget because of the economic downturn. Moreover, there will be a lot to plan and arrange, considering the need for social distancing and following the other health guidelines. Traveling may not be on the cards, which means that you may have to rethink the venue. Still, it is possible to have a dream celebration amid the confusion and crisis if you plan smartly. Here are some low-key ideas that can help you plan one within your budget and while ensuring safety for everyone.

Start with a budget

Pandemic or no pandemic, budgeting is one of the most crucial aspects of wedding planning. Right now, it may be all the more important because money is running tight in the crisis. Consider having everything on paper, right from venue bookings to guest lists, wedding dress, and jewelry, cake, and services like styling, photography, and decoration. Once you have a proper budget, you will be able to find deals and alternatives to cut on the spending.

Choose the venue carefully

A dream wedding is mainly about a dream venue. While you may have a clear vision about the venue, it may not work in the pandemic season. If you wanted to get married in a French vineyard, you will probably have to look for an alternative closer to home. With some research and an open mind, you can create the same magic at a local destination. For those keen on outstation celebrations, it would be smart to choose a destination you can reach by road.

Get smart with shopping

Whether it is your wedding gown, ring, or gifts for the guests, you can save a lot by getting smart with shopping. At the same time, you need not compromise with your original vision. Figure out a way to find a deal on your wedding dress, talk to the designer for a discount or you may consider paying in installments. It would be good to compare diamond vs moissanite if you want to pick jewelry pieces within budget. You can explore quality options in both yet get something that does not topple your pandemic wedding budget. Lab-grown diamonds are also a good alternative.

Use technology

You can get smart with your pandemic wedding plans by using technology to have virtual celebrations. Maybe your plan was to use your gmail account and send invites to a large list of guests, great you can still do that. The idea can help you trim down the guest list yet invite everyone you want for the big day. Keep the gathering limited physically by inviting just close friends and families. For the others, you can arrange a virtual wedding that everyone can attend through a video app. You can make it memorable by having cakes and small mementos delivered to the virtual guests. While you will end up saving a fortune, the idea also curbs the risks associated with social gatherings. Your guests would love it as well.

A dream wedding during the pandemic requires some creative thinking but you can have one that is as good as you would have always wanted it to be. Just be happy and enjoy your big day!

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