How to feel more confident and deserving in life

People tend to avoid leaping in big things out of fear of failure and disappointment. This fear roots from the deep-seated feeling of undeserving that haunts many of us. As a primal instinct, humans avoid what they feel beyond themselves and many have felt such about many things that can be accomplished within the realm of practicality.

Feeling unworthy limits your potential

Believing that you do not deserve something will keep you from getting it even if you can. This feeling evolves as we grow with our problems and fail to confront them, some issues like childhood complications can be a bit hard to address, but others like failing in your first business venture are forgivable – you have to forgive yourself, to move on.

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This feeling distracts your mind and instead puts it inside an arbitrary circle of limitations, much smaller than practical limitations that life poses. One cannot trespass all boundaries but we can at least cut through these self-made barriers and emerge on the other side with renewed vigor and faith.

Countering the feeling of undeserving

Countering the feeling of undeserving can be a bit complicated, as there are so many factors to consider, but it is possible and practical. First of all, learn to move ahead, we all fail, but the point f life is to learn from such bad experiences and to move ahead. The second thing is to reprogram yourself, know that failures and disappointments coexist in this world with success and happiness. Why can’t you be on the other side when all others can?

Move On

Being risk aversive is natural but limiting your potential with self-degradation and self-loathing is unhealthy. This leads us to a life spent with regrets of not doing so much that could’ve been done, but we don’t have to settle. There is no denying that being content is the key to happiness but constant struggle, getting up after defeat, and moving on is what makes a winner.

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