Honest Review Collistar Two-Phase Sculpting Concentrate

Collistar Two-Phase Sculpting Concentrate

My goal was to get rid of cellulite. Besides dry brushing I was looking for a formula that would give a little extra boost to my skin. We all know caffeine is used to treat cellulite but I was not really aware of marina algae and peptides helping with cellulite. In this review I tried this product for 1 month to see if it actually works.

Collistar Two-Phase Sculpting Concentrate Marine Algae + Peptides

Collistar is a famous Italian brand and since it’s not the cheapest I kind of assumed it would be a high quality product and it is. The packaging design and bottle looks luxurious and the smell of the concentrate is very pleasant. I started applying it after my morning showers on my legs and stomach on a daily basis. I like the spray on bottle its easy to apply and I think with a spray you will actually be able to use the product longer than with a cellulite cream.

Collistar Two-Phase Sculpting Concentrate

Collistar Two-Phase Sculpting Concentrate Easy spray on bottle

Results of using the serum

It takes some time before I saw any results but after 2 weeks I could see my skin becoming firmer. I personally think its a combination of using a massage tool and applying the two phase sculpting concentrate. It was easy to stay motivated to use the product as it smells really good.

The main ingredients: peptides hydrate the skin and improve circulation. It helps tighten, lift and firm. Marina algae is known as seaweed and breaks down fat tissues.


I applied the product with a massage tool to increase its potency

Would I recommend this product for cellulite?

If you want to see results with the Collistar two-phase sculpting concentrate I would say use it daily with a brush or massage tool. If you expect results after using the product once in a blue moon than of course it’s not realistic. My cellulite is maybe 20% less than before and my skin is more firm. So I’m happy with the results. You can buy it at Sephora and other beauty shops where they offer Collistar products.

Let me know in the comment your tips and tricks for cellulite! And if you tried this Collistar sculpting serum what is your experience?

Collistar Two-Phase Sculpting Concentrate, review

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