7 effective ways to whiten your teeth naturally

whiten your teeth

Teeth add a lot to your appearance because it lets you show off a radiant simile. But, if your teeth are not white because of staining or yellowing, you won’t be confident. There are reasons why your teeth stain, for example, diet. It’s preventable, but a factor like age is unavoidable.

We’ve compiled a list of ways in which you can whiten your teeth naturally.

Effective ways to whiten your teeth naturally

Use activated charcoal

Activated charcoal has different roles in cleaning, for example, on skin. It also works well with whitening teeth because of its natural properties. The compound absorbs toxins from the teeth’ surface, which is a cause of teeth staining. But, it should be of low Relative Dentin Abrasion (RDA) value to protect your enamel.

Changing your diet

According to Better Weigh Medical, Diet plays a big role in your teeth’s health. Foods and beverages stain teeth because they have tannins. The most notorious ones are soda, coffee and acidic foods. Also, tobacco products stain your teeth. If you control your diet and apply best practices to take care of your teeth, you’ll maintain a white smile. After eating or drinking, wait 30 minutes before you brush your teeth.

Use oil-pulling mouthwash

It’s using vegetable oil as mouthwash. The most popular one is coconut oil. Rinse your mouth with the oil for about 20 minutes, spit out and wash up with warm water. You can go ahead with flossing and brushing your teeth. Oil pulling works almost like activated charcoal. It removes the toxins from your mouth. As a result, it reduces plaque build-up. You’ll reduce the risk to teeth staining and other conditions like;

  • Gingivitis
  • Gum inflammation
  • Cavities

Brush your teeth with baking soda

Baking soda does a good job to polish your teeth. There is a misconception that baking soda erodes your teeth, but that’s not true. Research shows that it’s safe, and you can brush with it up to twice daily. But, if you have teeth sensitivity, do not use baking soda on your teeth.

Have good oral hygiene

Good oral hygiene is important to prevent plaque buildup on your teeth. It requires regular flossing and brushing to reduce the plaque. You also need to scrub your tongue, because it also contributes to plaque formation. Maintain a routine to take care of your teeth, tongue and mouth. Take time to clean after eating, and if you can’t, do so at least twice daily.

Use hydrogen peroxide on your teeth

It works well as a gentle bleach to remove stains from your teeth. You can mix it up with baking soda for faster results. Limit the use of hydrogen peroxide because it can cause teeth sensitivity. If you already have sensitivity it’s best not to use hydrogen peroxide alone or with another agent.

Use fruit

Fruits like pineapples and papayas can help you remove teeth stains. They have bromelain and papain which are active enzymes that dissolve stains. But, it’s not as effective as the other reagents. It will only work if you have slight discoloration.

Final thoughts

Maintaining white teeth without care is difficult. That’s why you need a combination of good oral hygiene and applying other substances. Contact dentistry Harrisburg NC for more guidance to help you whiten your teeth. Keep your diet, floss and brush your teeth, at least twice a day. You’ll set yourself up to have a bright smile. Natural remedies offer simple home solutions, but you also need professional advice. It’s important to point out health issues such as tooth decay or enamel loss.

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