Interview with Nicole Quiroz founder of the Venus Rose

“The Venus Rose is personal to who I am. As a Libra, my ruling planet is Venus. And the rose is the highest vibrating plant on earth.

I had the honor to interview Nicole Quiroz from Southern California. She is the founder of Venus Rose a brand that speaks to women on a personal level about esoteric topics. With a journalism degree it’s no wonder she has been writing for a long time and established herself as a successful blogger. Besides that Venus Rose includes an online shop with unique fashion and lifestyle items. The collection consists of clothes, accessories, home and lifestyle items. Read the interview to find out more and follow her on Instagram @venusrose_official.

Venus Rose, Nicole Quiroz

Tell us about yourself and what you do
My name is Nicole Quiroz and I’m the creator of The Venus Rose – a metaphysical blog and online shop. I created this brand because I’ve been exploring esoteric concepts and expanding my spirituality for the last 15 years and I needed an outlet to share everything I’ve learned. I’m still a small, growing brand so I’m excited where this new venture takes me.

Besides the blog, I started a new shop! As I browse the internet for cute esoteric fashion and lifestyle items, I can never find what I’m looking for. And as a designer, it was natural for me to design my perspective blended with esoteric concepts.

Tell us about The Venus Rose Products
I would describe The Venus Rose Products as fun, colorful and versatile. There’s something for everyone. From astrology notebooks and shirts, to Angel Number tote bags and clocks. During the fall season, we’ll be offering gift wrap, jewelry and more. A lot of love, time and energy went into the designs and I’m proud of each and every one of them.

What is your favorite product?
One of my favorite items in my shop are my Angel Number tote bags. They’re cute and versatile. But above all, using the Angel Number Tote Bag in public will be blessing those you encounter with synchronicities and messages from above. You will literally be a messenger for the other side!

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What Makes The Venus Rose Unique
From a blogging perspective, what makes The Venus Rose stand apart from other spiritual brands is our artwork. I take a fun, refreshing outlook on how to portray the content. My goal is to draw in viewers with my art, then keep their attention by educating them about the beautiful, magical world we live in and how to live our best lives.

What Does the Venus Rose Mean?
The Venus Rose is personal to who I am. As a Libra, my ruling planet is Venus. And the rose is the highest vibrating plant on earth. So much so, it’s the closest thing to vibration of love. The purpose of my blog is to deliver love and good vibrations to my readers and shoppers.

Venus Rose

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