Value of Flowers – A Surprise Gift That Transforms Emotions

Flowers are one of those best creations of God that have the power to transform emotions and enhance the beauty of any occasion. Their magical and awesome features become beautiful media to convey human feelings. Either you wish to express your love or apologize to someone, flowers are always there to help you. Apart from this, you can use them anytime to make your loved one happy without any specific reason.  

Different types of flowers are used on various occasions and circumstances which symbolize specific emotions in different cultures. People choose them as per their certain tastes, traditional myths, and goals. Let us discuss in detail how they add beauty and happiness in our loved ones’ lives in numerous ways.

Expression of love

We all have loving feelings for someone that we want to express on one occasion or another. Flowers give us that opportunity in a very simple and easy manner. Whether the person is your wife, mother, father, sister, brother, or anyone else, flowers prove a pleasing medium to express your feelings for them and make them believe how important they are in your life.   

To celebrate a special occasion

Everyone likes to celebrate prosperous moments of their loved ones’ lives. Whether it is the occasion of your family member or friend’s wedding, birthday party or anniversary, it is hard to imagine the celebration without flowers. They not only prove a great gift for the special person of the party but also brighten up the event.

Corsage and boutonnière      

Most of you would be well aware of corsage which is a combination of flowers worn on a women’s dress. In old times, it was used to ward off evil spirits but now it symbolizes dignity and honor. Similarly, boutonnière as flower decoration is worn on a tuxedo or jacket. They demonstrate the prestigious status of the most important guest of a party. According to, a bright combination of florals can complement any outfit color palette, texture, and style. Whether your dear person is going for a soft bohemian or sleek and bold look, they can be a great fit.

To make others feel happy

There are situations when your loved one would be feeling lonely or sad. They may need someone’s support and care at that particular moment. At that time, if you give them flowers of their choice and spend quality time with them, it can really help to change the whole situation. The alluring blossoms and sweet fragrance of the flowers have the power to change the human mood and make them feel good.   

From a very long time in our history, flowers have been used to convey sensitive emotions. Their innate nature is such that they are able to bring happiness into the most sorrowful of situations. One of the world’s leading flower stores, Blooming Box states that historically there have been no greater expression of love and happiness than fresh flowers. No matter whether it is a birthday, or an anniversary or even a promotion, you can never go wrong by gifting flowers.

To apologize

When you love someone, sometimes the situations of misunderstandings and conflicts also take place. In such circumstances, if your dear one feels disappointed and stops communicating with you, you may feel the need of apologizing to them. But, most of the time, words are insufficient to say sorry. At that moment, flowers can be your best companion to transmit your feelings. They act as a positive indicator and open the doors for communication again.

To express sympathy

Life is a mixture of good and bad situations which are often beyond our control. In case something unfortunate happens in your loved one’s life, it becomes your obligation to take care of them. Again, a few words do not help to console a person properly. A bouquet of fully blossomed flowers with a pleasant fragrance can help to change the mood of the person to a great extent.     

To boost someone’s morale

Sometimes, opposite circumstances or adverse situations of life demoralize a person a lot. If your close friend, family member, or someone else is facing such issues, and they need your support, take the help of their favorite flowers and gifts to boost their morale. The beauty and freshness of flowers can arise a new inspiration and hope in them.

To attract the attention

If you love a person but hesitate to say or do not know how to express yourself, take the assistance of flowers that symbolize love. You can present them in a basket or as a bouquet with a single note of admiration and a friendly message. This can be an impressive and positive initiative to start a relationship with someone special.  

Multiple emotional meanings of flowers in different cultures

Flowers have had their significance in human culture since ancient times. Apart from a medium of communication, they had different metaphors and meanings in different traditions of the world. Although, worldwide civilizations have passed through several changes, yet flowers still play an awesome role to connect people and improve customs.        

Let us discuss the diverse meanings of flowers in different countries of the world. 

Japanese culture

In Japan, flowers are offered as a customary gift to a sick person in the hospital. However, they avoid giving a potted plant which they consider symbolize – disease would take deep roots. According to their culture:

  • A red rose signifies romance.
  • White flowers are used in mourning situations.
  • Bluebells help to offer gratitude.
  • Sunflowers represent loyalty and adoration.
  • Iris is chosen to give good news.

Ghanaian culture

In Ghanaian culture, flowers are offered and accepted as an appealing gift. They consider daffodils as a symbol of rebirth and Daisies represent happiness & innocence. The other flowers such as:

  • A red rose signifies passion and love.
  • Yellow roses are used for happiness.
  • Calla lilies are given as a love gift to a wife or girlfriend.
  • Sunflowers stand for longevity and loyalty.

Russian culture

The importance of flowers in Russian culture can be well understood with their famous proverb: “If your heart is a rose, then your mouth will speak perfumed words.” They consider:

  • Single rose or daisy is perfect for the first date.
  • The flower colors such as blue, pink, and white are suitable for young ladies.
  • Yellow flower as a symbol of separation or break-up.
  • Flower buds are appropriate for girls.
  • Red blossoms are good for loved ones. 

According to a French author, Victor Hugo – “Life is a flower of which love is the honey.” We all want to give and receive love in different relationships and flowers prove to be a perfect medium of expressing it. However, it is crucial to remember the little details of different flowers with their diverse varieties while giving them to someone as they represent different meanings and metaphors in different cultures.    

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