Luxury travel trend: glass igloo hotels

glass igloo hotels

Have you ever wished to be mesmerized by the sight of the Northern lights in the Arctic? Need to do something fun and unique for your vacation? Well wonder no more and try one of the glass igloo hotels. Because we have just the holiday plan laid out for you. Northern lights, in case you don’t know, are a spectrum of beautiful colors streaked on the canvas of the the dark and cloudless sky. The sight of these colors is awe-inspiring. And as for igloos, well they’re a perfect way to not only witness these lights from the comfort of your bed. But also to spend a fun filled vacation in the chilly environment of Northern Europe.

glass igloo hotels

Figure 1: Photo by Kamil Pitonak on Unsplash

Glass igloo hotels, where to go and when?

Well, I’m pretty sure that you’ve guessed this much that you’re gonna be going somewhere around the Artic Circle. And yes that’s true, your ideal destination will be Lapland and that is above the Artic Circle. Your visit there is bound to be fun filled as glass igloos are not the only fun-packed elements abound there. In fact, if you want to enjoy your experience your trip to its fullest then we suggest that you experience the whole package (offered by many companies), which includes:

  • Visit to the Santa Clasue Village
  • Go on a Husky Safari
  • Experience the Snow-mobile tour
  • Visit the reindeer farm
  • Enjoy smoked reindeer meat with salmon soup – this is going to give your tastebuds a yearlong craving, we assure you.

As for the when, August-April is the ideal time period to witness the Northern lights, hence that’s when you probably ought to go to maximize your experience.

glass igloo

Glass Igloos luxury travel trend

I really don’t need to tell you what igloos are, but one thing you must know is that they aren’t only for eskimoes anymore. Glass igloos have walls made up of, you’ve guessed it, glass. Thermal (so that you won’t be freezing inside). It’s truly a luxury travel trend. The floors are heated too, so as to create a serene and tolerable environment inside but not too warm, after all you are near “the top of the world”. The glass wall not only provide a panoramic view of the wonderfully starry night sky. But also provides a completely immersive, yet safe, experience. And in case you’re wondering, no you won’t have to keep your eyes peeled all the times in search of those night lights, they’ll notify you when those colors appear.

So what’s the wait? Plan ahead, make that reservation now before its too late, and happy holidays.

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