Everything you need to know before you visit the massage spa

Here is a detailed guide that will save your time before you visit the best massage spa in London.

Find a massage spa by reviews

The very concept of spa comes from the abbreviation “sanus per aquam,” which in latin means “health through water.” Therefore, a good spa must be water treatments: a hot tub, steam room, a small pool. Well, if there is a cafe in the salon with a healthy meal, a room for meditations, a hairdresser – then you can devote a whole day to rest.

Take a look at the tour

The spa differs from the massage place,  in a unique atmosphere: quiet music sounds here, the lit scented candles, and the interior disposes to cozy rest. Ask the administrator to give you a tour of the cabin: you should feel at an exotic resort.

Sign up in advance

If you like the salon, sign up for the procedure, choosing a convenient time for yourself. Be prepared that the visit to the spa will take from two to five hours, so it is better to allocate an utterly free evening to rest or a day off. Tell the massage therapist about your expectation (whether you want to relax, relieve pain in the muscles or remove swelling), and he will tell you exactly which massage spa procedure will give you maximum pleasure.

Select the wizard

Spa professional therapists can be both women and men, for example, in the traditional froth ritual of the hammam. Ask in advance to be treated by the best massage therapist.

What can I expect from a massage?

Many people treat the massage lightly, equating it more with a relaxing procedure, and not with a healing one. However, with the help of massages, you can solve and prevent several health-related problems.

The advantages of massage are many and easy to learn. It is easy to operate, economical and practical, and can replace drugs. For example, some patients use the massage to stimulate the spirit and act as a stimulant. It also calms the patient and acts as a sedative.

Because massage is beneficial to the circulatory system and metabolism, it is safe and reliable for patients with chronic diseases or excessive physical weakness. For children who are inconvenient to take medicine, massage can enhance the body of children and prevent health care. For some complex diseases, it can also combine with acupuncture and medication. However, for some acute or high-grade infectious diseases, or organs with lesions, such as typhoid, pneumonia, tuberculosis, etc., massage can only play a synergistic role. If you have an appendicitis, intestinal perforation, cholecystitis caused by biliary mites, etc., the incidence is fierce, should go to the hospital emergency.

Under what conditions do patients usually come for a massage course?

We are referred to the massage clinic, most often when there are problems with the back, with the limbs – as a rule, they are also associated with the spine. There are protrusions, hernias, or just spasticity of muscles fatigue.

What is the peculiarity of therapeutic massage?

The explicit aim of therapeutic massage is to eliminate the cause of pain. If you take the normal classic healing massage, then its task is to relax the body. Also for therapeutic massage is characterized by the direction of impact on a particular area: if you are worried about your back, then on your back, if you have a foot, then you will also connect a leg.

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