Grow a Garden With Your Kids

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Spring is almost here. Looking for some fun things to do with your kids that don’t cost a lot? Take a break from surfing pop culture, clothing or vape shops like smokingthings and make plans to introduce your children to gardening. It’s fun, it’s inexpensive and you just might get them to eat their veggies.

Planning the Garden

The kids will feel more involved in the project if you let them help with the planning. Go through some seed catalogs or look up some websites that sell seeds. Make a list of what they already like and what they are willing to try. 

Soil Preparation

Let’s face it; the little ones are not going to be much help here, but everybody likes to take a ride in the wheelbarrow. Older kids and those who have gardened before can help pull weeds, rake soil and make trips to the compost pile. 

Planting the Garden

This is where the younger ones will really get to participate. You may not end up with the straightest rows, but kids love to plant seeds. This is where you need to let your inner child shine through and not worry too much about aesthetics.

Garden Structures for Kids

Kids love crawling into things, so why not plant a place for them to go? Pole beans need support to grow on and it can double as a little hideaway. Position four long poles in a square large enough for a couple of children to sit inside. Sink the poles into the ground so that they are stable and tie them at the top. Let the kids plant three or four bean seeds around each pole. The vines will grow up the poles making a nice, shady, hidden spot. Another idea is a sunflower fort. For this, you will need to prepare the soil in a circle and plant sunflowers around the edge of it. Remember to leave space for a door.

Best Plants to Grow With Kids

Sunflowers and beans are great to grow with kids, but there are plenty of others, too. Lettuce comes in many different colors and leaf textures and kids like the variation. Nasturtiums are a good choice because kids love the idea of a flower they can eat. Radishes and carrots are good to plant together because the radishes come up quickly and by the time they have been pulled and eaten, the carrots are visible. Cherry tomatoes are pretty little jewels that kids love to pop in their mouths straight off of the vine. Potatoes are fun in the fall when you harvest them and what kid doesn’t love mashed potatoes? 

Gardening with your kids is a really good time. Try it!

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