Neville Goddard and how to use the power of imagination

Neville Lancelot Goddard (1905-1972) was a highly influential teacher and author. He illustrated the teachings of psychological truth intended in the Biblical teachings. And restored awareness of meaning to what our ancestors intended to tell the world.

Neville Goddard

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The power of imagination

In the words of Mr. Goddard, “When a man speaks of God-in-man, he is totally unaware that this power called God-in-man is man’s imagination”.  One of his records, he recounts how an orphaned teenager girl, who was driving a street car, felt all lonely on Christmas Eve. It was late and raining, and she couldn’t fight back her tears. She took her head out and let the raindrops fall on her face. She then imagined a completely different scenario, where she was traveling to Samoa. The day passed but the sincerity of that imagination got her the opportunity to actually sail to Samoa just a few days later. According to Goddard, this was no co-incidence but a direct result of the power of her imagination and he stated that everyone else could also turn their imaginations into realities.

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Making imaginations life-like

The most important thing is to know exactly what you want in this world – so that your imagination can be as life-like as possible, with attention to every minor detail. An example quoted by Goddard is as follows: “If I wanted promotion in my business I would ask myself: What additional responsibilities would be mine were I to be given this great promotion? What would I do? What would I say? What would I see? How would I act? And then in my imagination I would begin to see and touch and do and act as I would outwardly see and touch and act were I in that position.”

Neville Goddard Daily exercise

Relive, through imagination, the previous day, every single day, as you wished you had lived it. Revisit events to make them fit to your liking. An example quoted by Goddard himself is as follows: “For instance, suppose today’s mail brought disappointing news. Revise the letter. Mentally rewrite it and make it conform to the news you wish you had received.”

Prerequisites to unlocking the power of imagination

Goddard, said whatever one does in the imaginative world. The things that they wish to do in the real world, it will indeed happen in the real world. The only prerequisite in this matter is to be so much attentive so as to be wholly absorbed in the revised action. As mentioned in the earlier exercise.

Good luck with unleashing your imaginative power, and remember: “Persistent imagination, centered in the feeling of the wish fulfilled, is the secret of all successful operations. This alone is the means of fulfilling the intention” – Neville Goddard.

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