Jet set travel 5 reasons to visit Portofino this summer

Portofino is one of the top rated destinations in Italy. If you are looking for a Mediterranean vibes, mixed with culture and luxury, here is where you get the best of all worlds. This is a place fabulous, one and only Elisabeth Taylor loved to go to, and here are the top 5 reasons why you’ll fall in love with it too:

Portofino, jet set travel

  1. This is a jet set travel secret hide-out

Portofino is not just like any other places celebrities go to. This is a heaven on Earth, a hidden paradise. It is not crowded or noisy. Elisabeth Taylor was not the only one who loved this place; Giorgio Armani and Domenico Dolce are among those who own a home here, and icons like that would definitely pick a good place to retreat, don’t you think so?

  1. Scenery is amazing

This small Italian town is great for weddings and beautiful on its own. Not only the architecture, but the nature and the sea really take your breath away.

  1. Hotels are just what jet set needs

Imperiale Palace,The Portofino Hotel and Marina and Belmond Hotel Splendido are among the most amazing experiences you can have concerning hotels in this part of Italy. Jet set travel guests loves it, and you will absolutely too, as these places are synonym for luxury.

  1. Fine dining

Restaurants here really have a lot to offer. There is no better place to try Italian delicacies than in Portofino, and the great majority of these are decorated in traditional way, offering you 100% Italian experience.

  1. Yachts are always welcome

Portofino has a hidden harbor, which is perfect for those looking to run away and enjoy the Mediterranean sea on a yacht. Matter effect, this is one of the most popular places for the elite to take a break from a day or few spent at the sea.

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