Guide to buying your first private jet

Everyone dreams of owning a private jet. While it may not be smart for a regular salaried employee to own a jet, it is a smart move for business people to commute for their daily business activities. It is currently a good time to buy a jet. The jet industry is down by almost 50% compared to a few years ago. There are two important things that you should remember when buying a jet –

1) Don’t do it yourself. Hire an agency or an aircraft management company do it for you and

2) You do not necessarily have to own it. You can check out options like chartering or fractional ownership.

Here we provide you a guide on a few things you need to know before you buy a private jet.

1. Size does not matter: You need to understand that every jet is designed differently and have different functions. While most people look for bigger jets, these are not always the best. Look at a jet that suits your needs. If you do not have too many people travelling with you, consider buying one that is smaller and more affordable.

2. Check the range – If you plan of traveling short-range look for a jet that travels short range. If you travel long-range look for one that is fit for long-range travel. Check your need and choose a jet based on what your requirements are.

3. Cabin space – A small jet can have a lot of cabin space, and a big one could have a cramped up cabin. So check the cabin space before you buy a jet. You will be spending around 2 or 3 hours traveling in that cabin and something that is not comfortable is a waste of money.

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