10 Curling Iron Tips That Every Woman Should Know About


Curls have always been a trendy hairstyle for women of all ages. They can transform your look in an instant and make you ready to rock any occasion. If you are a curl-lover, the best thing to do is to add a curling iron in your styling collection. But styling your hair at home can be challenging, particularly if you are beginner. Here are some tips that can help you get the best results with minimal efforts:

  • Choose the right kind of curling iron that works for your hair and styling needs. There are a large number of options in the market, such as ceramic, titanium and tourmaline. Research to understand the pros and cons of each of them and see which one works the best for you. You can take expert advice from a professional stylist on what curling iron to buy for personal use.
  • Learn about the barrel sizes to be used for various kinds of curls. Small-barreled iron is to be used for tighter curls. On the other hand, opt for a large-barreled one if you want loose, relaxed curls.
  • Go through the user manual thoroughly before you start using the curling iron. It will have instructions regarding the temperature settings to be used for safe usage. Temperature settings depend on the hair type as finer hair can take lesser heat as compared to coarser hair. Be extra careful with the temperature setting if you have colored or treated hair.
  • One challenge that most women come across is that the curls do not stay long enough. Using a hair spray helps. Another tip to make your curls look good and last longer is to start curling closer to the root. The closer you start, the longer the curls will last.
  • Divide your hair into sections before you start curling them. Section them according to the effect you want and use hair clips to keep them apart. Curling too much hair at once will not give you the desired effects. On the other hand, sectioning makes curling easier as well as prolongs the life of the curls.
  • Use a good-quality heat protection product to give extra care to your hair while using a curling iron. Since curling involves heat treatment which makes it necessary to use a protection product.
  • As a beginner, you may not be comfortable with your curling iron. Make it easier by tying your hair in a high ponytail and then curling it for creating quick and effortless waves.
  • Give your locks a natural, voluminous look by curling them in a direction away from your face. Leave them loose on both sides of the face and make heads turn with a gorgeous look.
  • Ensure that your hair is completely dry before you start curling it. Even slightly damp hair is susceptible to damage. Just give it a blow dry once before you start.
  • While curling, slide your hair off the curling wand and let it fall softly on your hand to cool off naturally before you drop it.

These handy tips will help you get professional, salon-like curls at home, without paying a hefty sum at the salon.

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