Radio frequency treatment for wrinkles the new alternative to Botox

botox, Radio frequency treatment

Hello there beautiful people, here is something that will swipe you off your feet! For all those who would like to keep a fresh, youthful and healthy look without injections and Botox treatments, there is a new thing called radio frequency method, which is possibly the new era skin-care thing you must try. It is absolutely amazing and here is why.

What it is and how does Radio frequency treatment works?

Radio frequency treatment is a 60-minute facial, which helps contour face, lift the skin and give that youthful look. Radio frequency waves penetrate the skin, causing minor wounds to the skin, and this further promotes the production of collagen and elastin, which are essential to keeping your skin young looking. The method uses simple RF waves transmitted via transmitting stick. This is a slower, but more efficient and certainly healthier alternative to Botox, because it literarily makes skin remember how to look young and fresh again, in a way. Unlike injecting substances which numb your face, this method stimulates your skin to do the job in the most natural way. The waves heat up the dermis, and voila, the wrinkles are minimized and your skin renewed.

What is so great about the RF method?

One of the best things of RF treatment is it doesn’t only make the skin look youthful, but also smoothes the texture and makes it brighter and helps with pigmentation problems, giving it that healthy glow. Unlike Botox, or some other methods, it needs no toxins nor those needles to make you look healthier. This is a microneedle process and therefore is not as painful as Botox treatments, as the pain is really mild. It is so mild that this method is also used for the sensitive area around eyes, which speaks words. Yes, your skin will be heated to around 110 degrees, but you won’t feel the heat as something unpleasant.


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