How to Pack for Saint Tropez

For the lucky birds among you flying to the paradise that is Saint Tropez, the single most important thing you need to remember is that you have signed up for lounging in luxury from the moment you set foot on this French Riviera soil. That said, this is a perfect opportunity to flaunt your flawless style!

As for your packing list, keep in mind the icon that turned this nook into a pearl of fame is also known for her immaculate, free-spirited, but lush look – so make your ensembles worthy of Brigitte Bardot.

Light and breezy

French Riviera

Considering the sizzling weather, the equally hot people scene, and the chill nights, your packing list starts with a selection of summer-perfect dresses in different lengths, to make them multi-purpose and appropriate for a variety of occasions. Since you’ll be visiting a French Riviera town brimming with history and culture, you also need sightseeing-friendly dresses that maintain your style and still provide comfort.

Boho chic floral dresses make for an ideal choice, but stick to serene, not loud patterns that will mimic the tranquil nature of the town. Then again, playsuits, dreamy wrap-dresses, and of course, navy-blue and white stripes make for another dreamy choice for this destination. Plus, you can always steal your man’s crisp white shirt and make it your pivotal style item!

Flats for the day, heels for the night

The lovely beaches and the coastal cafes all create the perfect excuse for you to finally try those perky flat sandals you’ve been waiting to test-drive. Leather Greek-style sandals are a seaside staple, and they go wonderfully with all your boho dresses, but even basic flip-flops can be embellished with some feet baubles.

In addition to your beach and sightseeing footwear, the nightlife of Saint Tropez is a dream come true for lovers of diversity. You can choose from their renowned nightclubs, relaxed bar scene, as well as fine-dining nooks in case you’re traveling with your significant other. Hence the need for a decent pair of stylish heels! This season says go for some glitter, but classic black is always a safe choice for any dress-code.

Beachwear essentials for the French Riviera

French Riviera

Of course, let’s not forget your swimwear and other beach must-haves to make your hours in the sun as comfortable and stylish as possible. Vintage frills and patterns such as polka-dots are a great hit for the season, but luxury swimwear with asymmetrical cuts and feminine bows are also loved by many celebs and fashion models alike.

A flattering kaftan or an intricate beach wrap scarf is a simple way to add a layer of sun protection to your look and create a whole range of interesting combos out of a single clothing piece. Even if you come from a sunny corner of the world, it’s crucial to always nourish your complexion with high-quality sunscreen, so remember to always carry your bottle with you!

A pastel palette

Every wanderlust-stricken fashionista needs a few trusty backup outfits in addition to breezy dresses. Once again, considering the wonderful weather and the high-end spirit of Saint Tropez, it’s best to stick to soft, creamy hues that exude class and make your cocktail-laden sunbathing even more comfortable.

Even your casual daily wears such as classy white jeans paired with loose shirts and some statement jewels make for an excellent choice for visiting a local French Riviera restaurant or spending the morning cycling through the narrow streets. Soft pink, lilac, and aqua blue are all great choices in addition to pure white.

Luxe accessories

Nothing says effortless luxury quite like a well-chosen pair of shades, and timeless aviator sunglasses can be the go-to for pretty much any outfit or the occasion. Another favorite in this sizzling oasis is a stylish hat, such as a creamy fedora, while your jewelry should be light and simple, but it can come in funky shades to give your look that extra pop.

Add to that a purse that fits all of your daily essentials, such as a straw tote bag or a small leather backpack for your everyday strolls. However, don’t forget details that might not be visible, but can still make a lasting impression! Choose a fragrance that is in the spirit of summer, and those infused with citrusy scents, a touch of coconut, and a hint of delicate florals are more than welcome.

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