The Most Famous Flavours: 10 Iconic New York Cocktails

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In the City of Dreams, it’s not surprising that both food and drinks are also dreamy. With such a huge number of pubs and restaurants in New York, you can easily try out something new every day. If you’re visiting NYC and would like to surprise your palate with an amazing cocktail, keep in mind the following ones as they definitely make the signature drinks of this amazing city.

1. Manhattan


Manhattan may easily be one of the most popular cocktails in New York, with plenty of history behind it. It seems that it was invented in the late 1860s on Broadway, but there are other interesting stories surrounding this particularly fine mix of drinks. Anyway, there’s no better drink to start your exploration of New York with. Of course, you’ll find plenty of variations from place to place, but if you can, try to take a sip of Manhattan at Little Branch or Joe Allen Restaurant for the perfect post-theater-like feel.

2. Red Snapper


You may already know Red Snapper under the name of Bloody Mary, but even if you had the chance to try this cocktail before, don’t miss the opportunity to taste it at the place of its origin. What’s more, you can still order this fiery drink from the very source – The King Cole Bar. This vodka-tomato mix is best when spiced up with a tingly boost of cayenne pepper.

3. Cosmopolitan


This Sex and the City famous-made cocktail, also known as Cosmo, is definitely another one of true New York signature drinks. A fine mix of vodka, triple sec, cranberry juice and lime juice is the iconic recipe that makes this cocktail so attractive, delicious and sexy. Of course, you can get variations of this particular cocktail wherever you go for a different kind of feel, but if you can, don’t miss the opportunity to put a request for the original recipe at Odeon.

4. Martini


Martini is another iconic New York cocktail that’s both grungy and stylish at the same time, and it is truly the jazz star of the City that Never Sleeps. Pepper-infused vodka with blue cheese-stuffed olives is something you can find at Smoke Jazz Bar. But, if you want something truly special and glamorous, you can always count on a professional mixologist in NYC to come up with unique modern variations of the signature drink, such as Chocolate Martini, for example.

5. The Old Fashioned


Leave the noisy Manhattan behind and head to Brooklyn for the classic Old Fashioned you can find at Rye Restaurant. Of course, you may want something a bit more intriguing that still has that nostalgic feel and taste to it. If so, The Oaxaca Old Fashioned is a great choice for you. Pay a visit to Death & Company and enjoy the invigorating mix of tequila, mezcal, agave and bitters.

6. Penicillin


The complex layers of sweet, smoke, sour and peat make Penicillin a true masterpiece on the NYC cocktail scene. Head to Attaboy and see for yourself why exactly Penicillin is the top reason for visiting, and still the number one on the menu.

7. The Bronx


The Bronx is another delicious cocktail that should, undoubtedly, find its place on your cocktail bucket list. Created in the 1900s at original Waldorf-Astoria hotel, this mix of gin, orange juice and a touch of dry vermouth is a delightful key to a great time. These days, you can order the new-age Bronx at the hotel’s Peacock Alley.

8. The Bellini

Interested in wine cocktails? Then, by all means, try The Bellini when in NYC. The blend of white peach puree and Prosecco makes this a true treat among the wine lovers. Named in the honor of the Renaissance painter Giovanni Bellini, the mind-blowing white peaches used as the wine fruit make this cocktail a real piece of art.

9. The Brooklyn


One of the five boroughs of NYC also got its own cocktail, and you should definitely try it. Specific types of bitters combined with Maraschino liqueur create a unique and interesting taste that’s still richly sweet. With a cherry on top and served straight up, Manhattan’s esoteric sister will leave you wanting for more.

10. The Moscow Mule

You may have heard about the popularity of this cocktail at the West Coast, but the place of its origin is precisely 1940s New York City. If you’re in need of something both warming and refreshing, The Moscow Mule will surprise and satisfy you with the complex and perfected mix of vodka, ginger beer and lime. A great place to get a taste of this excellent creation is definitely Pouring Ribbons.

Enjoy your visit to NYC and don’t hesitate to engage in all the pleasures that the city has to offer. Just remember to drink responsibly so that you can savor every sip of the fabulous cocktails you get to try.

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