What dress from NovaShe is best on a special occasion?

Are you invited to a romantic summer wedding, an evening dinner or festival? And you have no idea what to wear. You will enjoy these tips a cocktail dress that will suit for any event. It’s always wise to have multiple dress styles in your closet. Novashe Fashion has such a versatile collection read more and see what you can wear during special occasions.

Festive cocktail dress

From a beach party, festival, garden party or barbecue reunion. In the summer there is always a special event to attend. The trick is not to look to formal. Go for a casual cocktail dress to enjoy your summer party for example a 2 piece dress. Wear them with ballerina’s or some high heels. If you go to a barbecue make sure your dress is comfortable since your going to enjoy a lot of food. If you go to a beach party make sure your dress is made of a light breathable fabric.

cocktail dress

Formal event

If you go to a formal event where an elegant cocktail dress is a necessity go for a neutral color. For example, white, black, dark blue or pastel colors. A simple dress doesn’t have to be boring it can actually be elegant and feminine if you choose the right accessories. Combine a simple dress with eye-catching earrings and matching pumps. Make sure your dress has sleeves if you don’t want to look to sexy.

Romantic Summer wedding

Summer is perfect for a romantic wedding. So if you received an invitation make sure your dressed for the occasion. Go for romantic fabrics like lace and flower prints. If you can imagine yourself in a beautiful garden or beach wedding its easier to look for a dress.

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