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Hanna Griffiths, actor

Hanna Griffiths is an actor hailing from Melbourne, Australia. She has been working professionally within the industry ever since the tender age of 14 and kept pursuing her education in the artistic field by studying at the prestigious Acting schools including the Victorian College of the Arts.

Throughout the span of her diverse and eclectic career, Hanna had the opportunity to front ad campaigns for major international brands as diverse as Ray-Ban, Nintendo (opposite Olivia Newton-John in a popular national campaign), Coca-Cola, Lee and Apple, just to mention a few.

Hanna’s film and television career is equally as diverse. She had the opportunity to star in one of Australia’s most successful television shows, a series titled “Underbelly” The Golden Mile”. The show, inspired by a true story relating to Sydney’s criminal underworld, is highly regarded as the highest rating series in the history of Australian television, and Hanna became familiar to the audience due to her appearance on the show portraying the character “Jodie”.

In addition to her role on Underbelly, Hanna Griffiths was also featured as a guest-star on award-winning TV hit “Rush” as well as appearing as a series regular on “The Valley” (KC Productions), and feature film “Evil Never Dies”, alongside Katherine Heigl. This was her first supporting role in a film, and she went on to appear in many other works – including Productions such as  “Brothers”, “Space Between The Ripples”, “Josh Jarmen” and “Backstage Pass”, which was filmed in Los Angeles (California, US), where the actress currently resides.

Hanna is also active as a stage performer, having been featured in theatrical productions of “Three Tall Women”, “Richard III”, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, “Cosi” and “The Divorce”.

Known for her bright character and outgoing personality, Hanna is an easy-going and charming person who is easy to work with and very dependable. She looks up to fellow Australian performers such as Cate Blanchett, Nicole Kidman and Naomi Watts, among others. Hanna is committed to heightening her craft with every role, always focusing on the importance of great storytelling. She is determined to breathe life into her characters in the most authentic possible way, offering honest, emotional and heartfelt performances. Hanna received numerous accolades for her performances, and she was featured extensively throughout various media, including established magazines like Cosmopolitan, who featured Hanna’s profile as a prominent Aussie actor.

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