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If you are a fashionable mother who loves to flaunt her style statement at the drop of a hat then the following article will surely interest you. Obviously, all these brands are very expensive and rich moms of Instagram love these. However, if you are wearing an outfit from one of the following brands then people will definitely sit up and take notice.

  1. Versace

Versace has slowly diversified into other business like swimwear, perfumes, and accessories apart from turning out world-class designer clothes at regular intervals. Today the brand is valued at USD 5.8 billion.

  • Dolce & Gabbana

The fashion brand Dolce & Gabbana is relatively new compared to the other luxury brands. Their clothes are a big hit among the actresses in Hollywood, fashionable mothers and Rich moms of Instagram and today wearing this label is considered a status symbol. They have forayed into perfumes too and they have some of the best fragrances in the world.

  • Gucci

This brand is considered to be the most successful Italian brand in the world today. They have a number of stores in the US and many Hollywood stars have advertised for this Italian brand. It is the 38th most valued brand in the world and has a brand value of USD 12.4 billion.

  • Prada

Prada is well known over the world for its exquisite collection of handbags and travel bags. They also have a ready-to-wear clothing line for women and fashionable mothers which is basically a luxury range with a hefty price tag. The brand has opened stores all over the world and is one of the most sought after luxury clothing brands in the world today. Perfect for rich moms.

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