Health and Well-being Trends That Are Rocking 2022

At the midway point of the year, it provides the perfect opportunity to stop and take heed of all that 2022 has had to offer so far and what direction the rest of the year is headed. The health and fitness industry has exploded over the last few years and it shows no signs of slowing down. If anything it is always evolving to meet the diverse and changing needs of the customer especially as restrictions ease and lifestyles slowly starts to shift. 2022 has seen a notable trend in the way the public prioritizes their health and fitness and this article will highlight some of the most popular trends rocking 2022 so far.

Photo credit; Jonathan Borba from Pexels

Next-level nutrition tracking

You will have no doubt seen an advert that promotes at-home nutrition tracking and testing. As science and capabilities expand it offers the average user greater opportunities to delve deeper into their inner workings. This year has seen a rise in at-home nutrition tracking and testing like never before. You can now order tests to analyze your gut health, food sensitivities, and even innovative hand help devices such as Lumen to measure your metabolism. This type of testing is here to stay and you can only expect to find more competitors entering the market and their usage grows as technology continues to evolve.

Hot workouts

Hot yoga isn’t new to 2022, having been practiced for some time. However, the clever brains behind HOTWORX have taken heated workouts to a whole new level. You can now undertake hot pilates, hot spin, or hot barre in a patented infrared sauna giving you the chance to work out more but in less time.

Holistic fitness

Fitness is becoming about so much more than a flat stomach or bulging biceps. The importance of exercise on your mental and physical health has never been so well understood or valued as it has in 2022. As a result fitness fans up and down the country are starting to take a more holistic approach to their fitness. If you are still wondering what holistic fitness is then let’s break it down. In simple terms, it is a fitness regime that involves high-intensity cardio-style workouts, mindful exercises such as yoga, and rest days. The overriding objective is balance, mapping out an exercise regime that promotes physical and mental health in a balanced and controlled way. 3-hour gym sessions and everyday HIIT workouts are falling out of favor and being replaced with a more mindful person-centric approach.

Strength training for all

The days of avoiding the weights rack are behind you. In 2022 you can expect to see a more inclusive approach to strength training, particularly amongst women and older generations. Strength training has many benefits, it helps strengthen bones and muscles which helps to prevent the aging process and conditions such as arthritis. It helps to improve metabolism, strength, and overall fitness and can have a profound effect on your confidence and sense of empowerment.

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