12 Cost-effective Ways to Enliven and Energize Your Home Interiors

home’s interiors

If you’re bored of your home’s interiors but don’t have the time or budget to make big changes such as replace the furniture or have the house painted, you can still make a world of difference in the ambience of your abode by making small improvements that will instantly cheer up any room and infuse fresh energy into spaces where you spend a good part of your day.

To help you get started, here are 12 time-tested ways you can use to gradually brighten up your home’s interiors without spending mega bucks.

  1. Buy indoor plants. Placing indoor potted plants around the house is a cost-effective and easy way to enliven the indoors of both personal and professional spaces. Bringing in happy greens not only enhances the beauty of a space, using purifying plants can improve the indoor air quality of your home. In addition, certain plants are known to induce a sense of calm and positive energy.
  2. Throw in colorful accents. Colorize your rooms without going overboard with bold colors by introducing accent pieces in bright, happy colors. This is particularly useful if the larger items such as the couch, curtains and upholstery cannot be changed. Bring cushions, décor pieces, vases, paintings, wall art and other accessories in bright colors and place them so that they work as a welcome distraction without overpowering the overall look.
  3. Change your lighting. Change some of the lighting fixtures to bring in mood lighting that enhances your home’s ambience and improves its aesthetic quotient. The right lighting can help create varying moods and introduce a sense of understated luxury without emptying your pockets. For instance, buy inexpensive lamps and string lights from bargain markets and place them at strategic locations around the house.
  4. Change the curtains. One of the easiest ways to enliven dull interiors is to do away with dark or heavy draperies. Buy curtains in light, happy colors in flowy fabrics that will accentuate your space, allowing just the right amount of natural light and make the rooms appear airy and well-lit. The lighter colors will also reflect more light, making your rooms look bigger.
  5. Remove the imposing rug. You may have a hard time pulling this off as many people feel that removing the rug from the living room destroys the room’s character. Often, this feeling is founded on the familiarity and comfort you’ve developed with the same look. But replacing the heavy-duty rug with a lightweight dhurry is a simple yet effective way to lighten up a room. And you needn’t discard your beloved rug. Just stash it away until the next winter.
  6. Bring in fresh flowers. Real flowers are a great way to introduce natural beauty into your interiors and cheer up any room. You can have a fresh flower arrangement home delivered by subscribing to a trusted flower delivery service such as Cali Bouquet. By taking proper care of your fresh flower bouquet you can make it last for up to ten days. To keep it affordable, order a bouquet for your home every fortnight.
  7. Declutter and minimize. This oft-repeated advice is in fact magically effective in removing negative and dead energies from your abode. By removing clutter from every space, including cupboards and drawers your visitors don’t get to see, you will feel a surge of positive vibes and a sense of lightness in your home. Not only this, by adopting a clutter-free and minimalistic approach to home management and interior design, you will experience a visible impact on your own wellbeing.  Family heirlooms and other unused items can carry the energy of the previous owners. While it isn’t ideal to have that in your home, it can be challenging to let go. Especially when sentiment and obligation often hold us back. The best compromise is to minimize its presence in your home. A self storage facility can hold these items away from your personal space. You can get a revitalized space without getting rid of these important items.
  8. Channelize your energies. If you’re a stay-at-home mom or dad, the chores and daily grind can get overwhelming and make you forget that you may be stuck in a rut. Break the cycle of lethargy by making your wellbeing a priority. When you begin spending time on yourself, you will feel a definite change in the energies inside your home. You will feel charged up to tackle your responsibilities and improve your surroundings.
  9. Use photos to invigorate your home. Bring your most beautiful moments and memories out of your phone and use them as wall art. Place photographs from your travels, family events, and important life occasions on walls, side tables, consoles and kitchen cabinets, where the entire family can see them every day. Photos are the time-tested good old way to warm up and personalize any space.
  10. Delegate and seek help. No one can do everything on their own. When your time and energy are consumed by everyday challenges, you may feel too overwhelmed to spruce up your house, even when you know how much it can impact your everyday life. Instead of feeling anxious or helpless, think of a solution that will help ease your burden so that you can enjoy the process of revamping your home. Hire a professional cleaning service, ask family members to help out more and seek a helping hand from close friends. This way revitalizing your home won’t feel like a chore.
  11. Fix broken stuff. Whether it’s a kitchen appliance, a broken figurine or toys that don’t work, fix things that don’t work and discard those that are beyond repair. Contrary to popular perception, home improvement is not just about changing the draperies or buying more décor. Doing away with everything that doesn’t serve a purpose or bring you joy is an essential part of the process.
  12. Take a good look at your bathrooms. Is your bathroom clean? Does it look welcoming? Does it have an aesthetic appeal? Does it need repairing? You cannot liven up your house by ignoring such an essential part of your everyday living—the bathrooms. Leaking taps, broken pipes, stained tiles, dirty bathtub—any and all of these take the life out of a bathroom. Just do a thorough cleaning, place a couple of potted greens or some flowers on the shelf and fix the plumbing, and you’ll have a bathroom you won’t dread visiting.

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