Eyelash enhancers: Lash Serum Plus vs Lash Rejuv

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Eyelashes are considered a sign of femininity. They make the eyes appear larger and prettier. Many women around the world want to have longer eyelashes. One of the most commonly used beauty products is mascara and almost every woman has it in her beauty cosmetics collection. But, it is not a permanent solution, because not all of the mascaras give you that dramatic look that you want to have. There are also many other products, like fake eyelashes for example. But these can do more damage to the natural eyelashes than help. Many products that promise longer eyelashes may be very dangerous and give you bad experiences. So, no more lash curling or fake lashes! We are here to recommend 2 great products that have received great reviews and have given amazing results to many women. Let’s take a look and decide which one is better.

Lash Serum Plus

This is one of the newest eyelash products for lash enhancement available on the market. In Lush Serum Plus only natural ingredients are included. There are no harmful substances or other chemicals, and the natural ingredients include oils and herbs that will provide the eyelashes with luxurious and refreshed appearance. You won’t need to put on fake lashes or mascara again. If you start using Lash Serum Plus, you won’t need to look for other products. This serum will rejuvenate lost hair and will strengthen the hair follicles. You will get the proper production of necessary oils for beautiful and thick eyelashes. The ingredients include: Vitamin E, Equisetum Giganteum Extract, Sativa Seed Oil, Bran Oil, Althaea Officinalis Root Extract, Sunflower Seed Oil.

Lash Rejuv

Lash Rejuv is an extremely powerful serum that will make your lashes grow like crazy! It will give you longer, more impressive and thicker eyelashes than the ones you have now, and we know you want them to look like this. Lash Rejuv contains combination of vital eyelash vitamins, and it will not only give you longer eyelashes, but it also will develop new hair in the lash location. The serum will construct greater cuticles and this will result in new hair growth. So, if you also have a problem with your eyelashes falling off, Lash Rejuv will solve that. Lash Rejuv will make the lash hair stronger and thicker. If our eyes look stunning, our whole face looks more pretty. The ingredients in Lash Rejuv are: Citric Acid, Fish Oil, Cellulose Gum, Biotin. Lash Rejuv is designed for any skin type, so it won’t give you any side effects. It is safe for gentle and sensitive skin too. Believe me, with using Lash Rejuv you will completely forget about fake eyelashes and mascara.

The way to apply both of these products is the same:

  • Clean the eyelids and let them dry before applying any of these products
  • After the eye area is dry, apply the product on your lower and higher eyelashes. Apply it once a day
  • Then, allow the serum to work. Let it be absorbed into the eyelids and avoid rubbing your eyes until it is completely absorbed.


Which serum should you choose?

Both Lash Serum Plus and Lash Rejuv are popular right now on the marker and promise results but I prefer Lash Rejuv. I have used it for a couple of months and I can guarantee- my eyelashes are incredible! When I’m making eye contact now, the other person can’t take her or his eyes off of me. Finally, I got that dramatic and sexy look I’ve been trying to reach for years, since I was a teenager and started using makeup. I’ve used so many mascaras, tried rubbing different oils on my eyelashes, spent so much money on other products that promised results, but I got nothing. My eyelashes didn’t change at all. But I didn’t give up on my dream! I got the eyelashes I wanted. Many of you still look for that “miracle”. But that miracle is finally here and possible to happen. I perfectly understand the struggle of trying too hard to find the perfect mascara and standing in front of the mirror, putting so many layers and end up with dry, ugly eyelashes. Leave that in the past and become part of the satisfied women who started using Lash Rejuv. You deserve those long eyelashes!


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