Feng Shui In The Bedroom

Our bedrooms are our places to relax and destress when a day comes to a close, but sometimes they get a little stale or just don’t feel right anymore. We get tired of the wallpaper, or the carpet is all over fluff, or the furniture is just in the wrong place. So what can you do to switch it around with a setup you know will be effective and you’ll love to come back to? You can make some home improvements, or you can follow the ancient technique of feng shui. Here’s a few ideas on how.


A Good Layout

Of course the bed is going to be the focal point here, so make sure it’s center stage. This is commanding and relaxing, and means you can just flop down as soon as you walk in, when you really need to. It means your bed is positioned diagonally to the door of the room and has the wall behind it, so your sleeping position will be secured on each side, allowing you to be grounded at all angles.

Have plenty of space on either side of your bed, and have the window opposite to where your bed is. This allows as much light, air, and good balancing between the outside and the inside.

Changing The Furniture

You can put whatever it is you want in the bedroom, as long as you like it and make a good energy space; this means you need a balance between each piece you place. Thereby, making yourself a glamorous bedroom suite doesn’t have to be waylaid just because feng shui decides a room should be simple and orientated, and your designer clutter doesn’t have to be sacrificed. You’ll know where the good energy in your bedroom is, whether you’re aware of it or not. Find yourself sticking in only one place? Try to design around that.

It can also be good for your mental state to sort through everything that’s going on in your bedroom, and allows you to find what everything when you need it. Try a sorting system in an open wardrobe, or even implement a carousel layout which allows you to cycle through your clothing accessories.

Have Some Quality Air

Open your windows every now and then to keep air fresh and breathable, and try putting in some fragrant plants on a bedside table or windowsill. Opening the windows also means you have your blinds or geometric curtains open, allowing in plenty of natural light, which is essential for healthy skin (and waking you up when you struggle to!)

The natural elements are the main basis of feng shui, and therefore feng shui has an integral element of good air to it. Any changes you make in your furniture won’t be complete without an effort to do this.

The idea that our home reflects us as a person is more present in our minds than we first think; keeping sorted will keep you happy, making cleanliness a whole lot easier to do.

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