10 Style Tips For The Holiday Party Season

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It’s nearly that time of year again, we are entering party season. We need to start planning our outfits now so that we can make sure we have the perfect party outfit.  The festive season is the perfect excuse to dress-up. So get those Christmas tunes on and start thinking about your party look. You want to be stylish but comfortable. The party season is known for being an indulgent one, and we don’t want to worry that our dress is showing how we had a few extra portions of turkey. We want to be able to enjoy ourselves, let our hair down and look amazing. So what’s hot for 2017 and how we can get that on-trend look for the festive season

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Tip 1 – Velvet Vamp

Velvet is making another resurgence but this time it could be here to stay. This is the perfect look for those who want to look sexy and stylish, but also want to  feel comfortable. Let’s face it velvet is also very festive. But don’t get this velvet look confused with Santa’s look. This velvet is structured and very feminine. This season is all about velvet suits and slip dresses. Velvet really is a look for everyone this season. Ditch the black and go bold with this velvet look. Look at Cédric Charlier‘s statement-making dress for inspiration.

Tip 2 – It’s All Silver

Silver is the festive look. Embrace it and go full out silver from head to toe or perhaps go for a more subtle look. Zara has an excellent range of silver skirts which you can either dress up or down. They would be brilliant for those that are heading straight from the office to the party.  Simply change your top, add some high heels and you will be party ready in the blink of an eye. The silver trend is a flexible and wearable one: It’s all about the pleats and padding.

Tip 3 – Sequins

It’s sequins season and this is a look that will have us shimmering away on the dance floor. Be brave and go for a more edgy look that will have you standing out from the crowd, the geometric red dress from Proenza is the perfect example.

Tip 4 – You Can’t Go Wrong With A LBD

The LBD is the classic party staple. Elegant and understated, you can’t go wrong. Dress it up even further and add a chunky choker for a stylish twist. Think Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast At Tiffany’s and you will have a stunning outfit. All you need now is a glass of champagne.

Tip 5 – Go Dotty

Polka dots are still hanging around from the summer. This classic look will also see you through the festive season. You could go for the familiar look of polka dots on a white shirt. However, there are other ways that you can wear polka dots. You could wear them as sequins and nail two trends in one, or perhaps on a dress, or even on an A-line skirt. Don’t feel like you have to stick to black and white though. Experiment with those dots. Go multicolored and mix up the size of the dots. You don’t have to be uniform when it comes to your polka dots.

Tip 6 – Seeing Red

Red is another festive classic. Red belongs at a festive party. It shouts fun and sexy. Enough said!

Tip 7 – It’s All About Padding

Think padding and you might feel a bit nervous. You only have to look at fashion photos from the 80s to understand that padding wasn’t always a good look. However, the padding for this season is a look that we should all be embracing. A bit of padding does wonders for our confidence and it does shout power. We should all be power dressing with padding! Those temperatures are also falling and that means an extra bit of padding is always welcome. Finish an outfit with a padded jacket and stay warm and stylish. Think puffer jackets with feminine detailing and finishes. Vetements have some great stand-out pieces

Tip 8 – Are You Fur Real

Real fur is not a look for everyone but there are some great fake alternatives. If you want to stand-out then this is the look for you.. Think fake fur that looks like a multicolored rainbow. Everything about this look will make you feel joyful.. Don’t hold back and embrace this bright and beautiful look. Wear this and you will be the glam guest that everyone wants to speak to. Look at Miu Miu for some inspiration.

Tip 9 – Blanket Love

Why stay at home under your blanket when you can go out in one. Like padding this is a trend that shouts comfort but you will still turn heads too. Be brave and embrace the blanket look. You might not have a Mulberry handbag but you could always wear a Mulberry blanket.

Tip 10 – Dig Your Heels In


Dig your heels in with some bright stilettos. Heels add a bit of extra flair to an outfit, and you will feel probably feel more confident wearing them. You will certainly turn heads in your bold footwear. A good pair of shoes can transform your outfit and you. As Sarah Jessica Parker once said

“It’s really hard to walk in a single woman’s shoes That’s why you sometimes really need special shoes”

Wise words but you might want to take a pair of flats for when your feet get tired from all of the dancing!

How To Party In Style

No Rules

When it comes to the party season there are no rules though. The key is that you love what you are wearing and that you feel confident in what you are wearing. You should wear whatever makes you feel happy. The party season can be a challenging one for some people. They find the idea of going out to lots of parties difficult. That’s why wearing something you feel comfortable in can really help. A good outfit can really give you the confidence boost that you need.

How To Prepare Mentally For A Party

You have your clothes sorted but how you can make sure that you are the life and soul of the party. Like I said earlier, plan ahead and make sure that you like the outfit that you will be wearing. If you are feeling anxious about the party then have a plan b in place. You can always make an excuse if you are finding the party too much and you just want to go home and get under that blanket on the couch. Just make sure that you have that excuse ready. Perhaps you have family coming over the next day or you need to work. Just remember to say sorry and explain that it’s out of your control.

Never feel under pressure to stay longer at a party than you want to. You choose when to go home.

How To Survive The Party

When we are nervous the tendency can be to drink more. Set yourself a drink limit and stick to it. Don’t rush your drinks. Take your time and sip them slowly. If you finish your drink quickly then you may find that someone buys you another one, and then before you know it, you are feeling tipsy.

Ask Lots Of Questions

Most people love talking about themselves. Therefore, having a list of generic questions can really help keep the conversation going. Remember those questions and get the other person talking. That way you can relax and play the part of the attentive listener.

Have Fun!

Enjoy the festive party season because it really does only come once a year. You have the outfits ready and you will look fantastic, you are also mentally prepared for the party season.. It will be hectic but this is your time for catching-up with family and friends. Be prepared for the parties and you will have a fabulous festive season. Dress, eat, dance and be merry. This is the season to party so get shimmering on that dance floor and showing-off with those outfits.

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