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extreme sports

When most people think of holidays, they probably think of a sandy beach, drinks and lazing about the whole day. Perhaps in Mallorca, Florida or Ibiza, the majority of the population does not like being too creative with their time off. Next time, why not try being different and a bit more creative, don’t be afraid to go off-road and try something new. Speaking of something new, why not try some extreme sports? If you’ve tried some, you know it is great fun, if not, it’s probably not too late to give it a try! Let’s quickly go through some extreme sports-related holiday ideas that you can try out with the family next time you manage to get away from your daily routine.


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Fancy going to the seaside but want to be a bit more original? Watersports are your friend. With a large variety of both normal and extreme sports to choose from such as surfing, windsurfing, wakeboarding, riding jet skis, scuba diving and more, you really are not lacking choices here. Water sports are a great middle ground to settle for if the rest of the family is not too keen on going snowboarding in the mountains but you still want to do something a bit more exciting. Anyone wanting to take part, can go right ahead, anyone not wanting to do so can stay and sit around at the beach. It’s a compromise that leaves everyone happy.

Alpine sports

Are you feeling the call of the wild? Do you want to experience high-octane action in a different climate? Do you want to gaze from the majestic, highest snowy peaks down onto the world? If so, going for a holiday somewhere in the mountains sounds like just the thing for you. Much like watersports, alpine sports are not lacking in variety and do not forget to carry Oakley helmets for safety. Sports like snowboarding and skiing have been family favourites for decades and have been consistently proving they are as exciting as can be while still being contained in a safe and secure environment. If you are feeling truly adventurous and want to try mounting biking, mountaineering, climbing or even canyoning, the do keep in mind that some places with popular spots for those sports are in countries where medical insurance is compulsory. Considering you are going on an extreme sports holiday, medical insurance would probably come in handy anyway but just don’t be the person who gets turned away at the airport. Do some preemptive research before you set off.


Image source: Pexels

Urban sports

Want to explore different parts of the world without feeling cut off from civilisation? Do you feel right at home amongst daily life in a busy metropolis? If urban sports such as skateboarding, parkour, rollerblading, BMX or freerunning ever caught your eye then you could always indulge in some relevant tourism. Many places around the world are renown for their skateparks of famous spots where people go to skate or ride BMXs. Barcelona is just one city which boasts many famous skateparks such as the “Forum Skatepark”, La Mar Bella and Les Corts. Once again, like the watersports scenario, if someone does not want to participate, they do not have to. They are free to explore the city and sit down for a coffee, and do other touristy things, leaving you, and whoever else might be interested free to live on the wild side for a while.


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