Winstag – The Amazing Fashion & Trends App


Winstag is an awesome iOS application that provides a very active platform for all the fashion lovers. It is a place where all stylists and fashion lovers can share their collections and as well view what the others are posting. Winstag comes with various amazing features that makes photo sharing not only an intriguing activity, but also a nice exposure of your passion for fashion.

Sharing your outfits at Winstag is very easy. All you need to do is to shoot them with your camera and upload them immediately. What makes it extra interesting is the fact that you will be posting the current trends and styles because you will have learnt from the other community members. To reach to as many people as you want, you can tag them to your content and also share it to other social sites.

The app comes with many features that enhance your way of sharing photos to the world. They also enhance the way you learn from the other fashion stylists and bloggers. The features it comes with are as follows.

  1. The follow back ability

Winstag is a fashion and trends platform. Within it, you can be able to follow stylists and fashion bloggers. The stylists and fashion bloggers can as well follow you back and view your postings. This creates relevance to the content appearing on everyone’s newsfeed.

  1. Sharing to the social media

This app sets no boundaries when it comes to sharing your content. From it, you can be able to share your pictures to social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter, among others.

  1. Photo tagging

Photo tagging is very unique feature that is meant to help you quickly get to the products that best fits your interests. To utilize it, you will have to tag the photos with the outfits that you like. After this, you will get a link that will take you to a page containing the outfits and other similar items that you can purchase.

  1. Log in and invitations

Access to the platform is simplified as much as possible. You can log in to the platform using a Facebook, Instagram, or Google+ account. Invitations can also be made using available unique invitation codes.

  1. Advertisement and an e-commerce store

Retailers are also recognized in a great manner. The platform offers them a very good method of advertisement that allows them to directly advertise their products on it. An amazing e-commerce store that allows direct trades is also featured on the platform.

  1. Cash Prizes

The hardworking individuals are never left unrecognized. There are cash prizes given to the users who actively participate in promoting the platform. The cash are awarded to those who either refer no less than 100 people to the platform, or reach a certain amount of the photos they have tagged and linked to a certain online retailer called Zalando. The cash prize ranges from 15 stg to 100 stg as below and this is to first 50 users in each category.

  • Invite 10 friends and get 15 stg
  • Invite 25 friends and get 45 stg
  • Invite 50 friends and get 100 stg
  • Tag and link 10 brands and get 15 stg
  • Tag and link 25 brands and get 45 stg
  • Tag and link 50 brands and get 100 stg


Winstag app is a very good platform that helps you share, learn and interact with a very large community of fashion stylists and bloggers. With this app, you can participate as a fashion influencer in the community. With the fashion influencer title, you can educate your followers with the styles, trends and fashion tips that you have. Winstag is an amazing photo sharing app that every fashion enthusiast should have by downloading the app from here –

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