Take The ‘Work’ Out Of Your Next Workout


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Everyone experiences a slump in gymspiration at some point in their routine. It is just part and parcel of trying to get fit. It takes time, energy, dedication, focus, effort and constant encouragement, all of which can make the whole thing pretty tedious if you were to ask us (which you kind of are doing).

Luckily, there is an easy solution to all this, one that will see your fitspiration pique again, and it is called fun. That’s right, fun. Just because it’s called a workout doesn’t mean it needs to be work.

So, instead of feeling fifty shades of guilty that you loathe something that is meant to be so beneficial to your wellbeing, pump some fun and excitement back into your exercise with these amazing fitness trends:

Kids & Grown Ups Love It So…

The happy world of, ummm, SkyRobics. C’mon, everyone loves bouncing on trampolines, and that is exactly what SkyRobics is. It’s heading to a trampoline park where you get to perform a whole range of movements and techniques by using the entire space, not just one trampoline. Oh, and just so you know it is good for you, according to NASA, bouncing on a trampoline can burn 1000 calories an hour, which is way more than jogging.

Dance Yourself Into Shape…

With Zumba. It was the first major trend to take the world by storm and the only one that seems to have lasted the test of time, which should be reason enough for you to visit www.ClubFitness.us and see when your local class is on. For those that have heard the term but don’t know what Zumba actually is, here comes the sales pitch: it’s more of a party than a workout. Seriously. It’s an aerobic workout where you pretty much dance to Latin music, smile incessantly and sweat loads.

Pound It People, Pound It…

We mean that literally.  This new craze, known as Pound, is where you hold weighted drumsticks – one in each hand – and rock out to music in the same way you imagine a drummer would, just slightly more exaggerated. This may sound crazy and a total farce, but it is only one of these things because the actual exercise is known to build and tone muscle while also letting you shed a cool 900 calories an hour. Then there is the agility and coordination side of things, not to mention the epic soundtrack each class has to offer.

Wiggle With It…

With a hula hoop, of course. Yes, HulaFit is now a thing and quite rightly so. You remember what it was like a pre-school when P.E. started and you ran into a hall full of fun apparatus; all you wanted to do was hula hoop. Well, who would have thought it was a great workout. All you do is hula to the music in effect, but you’ll find it’s a great way to lose weight and strengthen your core. Not to mention, you can learn some pretty cool tricks too. This is your chance to get in shape and feel like a kid again. Woo-hooo.

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