Discover the Healing Powers of the Magical Plant with Top CBD Influencers

The CBD and cannabis industry has become the talk of the town. The hemp-CBD usage is expected to be worth $22 billion by 2022. As the number of CBD brands is on an upsurge, the increase won’t come as a surprise to pro-cannabis users like you. Well, medicinal and recreational properties take all the credits.

And, that’s the entire essence for partnering with CBD influencers- to get over a hold of the enormous market!

CBD works wonders in treating various ailments. Reports show that CBD helps patients with epilepsy, post-traumatic stress syndrome, anxiety, and others. So, it’s pretty evident that the people who’ve had a good experience with CBD wish to spread the word!

Check out the Best CBD Influencers

Now that you know what CBD is all about and why is it gaining popularity, it’s time to take a close look at some of the best CBD influencers on social media.

And, why not?

“People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories, and magic.”

-Seth Godin

Most of these people have a loyal set of followers who are eager to dive deep into the uses of CBD. Thus, people are enlightening themselves about consuming cannabidiols. Some of the most popular products are bc vapes, edibles, magic mushrooms, and concentrates for experiencing bliss. Thus, they find motivation in trying products their favourite celebrities are consuming.

  • Jolene Goring:

Jolene is a CBD influencer who’s been a part of the health and fitness industry for over two decades. Recently, she earned laurels of making it to the list of “America’s Premier Fitness Experts” by USA Today.

She has also made appearances on shows like Fox 10 News, ABC, and other channels. The best part about her Instagram profile is that she features sponsored ads for CBD-infused products like lip balms, lotions, massage oil, and more.

  • Steve DeAngelo:

One of the most prominent cannabis influencers on Instagram is Steve DeAngelo. He also has his own Wikipedia page with more than 30,500 followers. He actively communicates with his fans under his posts.

DeAngelo is famous under the name “Father of Legal Cannabis Industry” by Willie L. Brown, a speaker of the California Assembly. This CBD influencer posts much controversial content on his page and blog and works with some of the best CBD brands.

  • Montel Williams:

Motel Williams has been famous for his talk show and was the face of American television in the 1990s. It was in 1999 that he discovered CBD when he was diagnosed with sclerosis.

Ever since his product consumption, he has been an active CBD lifestyle promoter.

  • Aisling Bea:

Comedian, actress, writer, and CBD influencer, Aisling Bea has several feathers to her hat. The world recognizes her as a part of several TV shows and stand-up specials.

The best part about Bea’s profession is that she’s been using her influential status for spreading awareness about CBD. She accredits the use of CBD for getting a good night’s sleep after battling insomnia for a long time.

That’s a Wrap

Many other cannabis influencers have been offering the best coverage for different brands. The list above mentions influencers from all corners of social media- from YouTube to Instagram.

Have you been motivated by any CBD influencer who’s brought about a change to your life with CBD products? How about sharing your stories? After all, it’s time to be alive and well with CBD.

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