Step By Step Guide To Planning Your New Kitchen

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Have you been looking for a new kitchen design that would suit your personality and needs? Choosing a new kitchen is one of the most exciting home renovation projects. It may also be the most expensive, stressful, and time-consuming.

Planning a kitchen takes careful study, from choosing the appropriate style to finding a designer and agreeing on the kitchen layout. You’re tempted to go straight into a showroom and choose your design; however, it’s critical that you invest plenty of time thinking about what you truly want.

Assess all your needs

Next, consider what the bespoke kitchens sydney will be utilized for. It appears obvious, but think about who will use the area the most. What sort of meals will they prepare? How often do you expect to have parties? And should there be separate spaces for laundry and dining?

Consider if the present area and layout are appropriate, or whether a kitchen extension would be beneficial. The most frequent house construction entails knocking down a wall between the kitchen and dining room. If you have the opportunity, this creates an open-plan kitchen.

Calculate a budget

Set a spending limit for yourself before you start buying the finest granite worktops and the most recent electrical equipment. This way, you have a number in your head that you know you can’t exceed.

Make a list of everything you’ll need to allow for – cabinets, worktops, and kitchen splashback ideas, as well as sink, tap, and appliances.

LED lighting, electric doors, and smart storage solutions may all produce a wow-effect if used correctly. However, these will likely cost more than normal lightbulbs and hinges, so be prepared to make concessions if your budget is limited.

Consider plumbing and heating

Will you be connecting the sinks and appliances to your existing plumbing, or will you need additional pipe installation?

Before you lay the floor, make sure that plumbing and electricity connections are complete. Work out where appliances of all sizes will go and verify you have the appropriate outlets.

Look for lighting options

When deciding on kitchen lighting solutions, it’s best to ensure that the system is as flexible as possible. This will allow you to control different parts of the room independently. Secondary lighting, such as those above cooktops and prep areas, is also beneficial.

Make a moodboard

The appearance of your kitchen is, after all, a very personal decision. It really helps to keep photos and magazine tear sheets together for a mood board or kitchen file with all the features you’d want to include in your design.

This is a wish list, so add everything you want. However, while you’re adding it, keep it in some kind of order since your budget will undoubtedly restrict you to picking from a few options at some time.

Choose your finishing touches

Make your kitchen appear more linked by subtly integrating materials. For example, combine a wood breakfast bar with wooden stools. Alternatively, cover the seats with fabric that ties in with your splashback. Little touches like cabinet handles can make a big impact and change a basic white kitchen into something special.

Instead of buying everything from the same source, obtain furnishings and accessories from a number of vendors. To build your own appearance, mix things up. This is also where you may try out some DIY if your budget permits.

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