Some popular birthday gift suggestions for your best-friend

Your best friend is probably closer to you than your own family. Most people start planning weeks ahead of a best friend’s birthday for a perfect gift for them. If you have a best friend then you would probably be fighting a similar battle when it comes to deciding their gift. You would mostly have a bigger budget than usual and even if you don’t you can select a few items or simply just one from the list below.

Dab Rig

Dabs are commonly being gifted amongst stoners but a more useful gift would be a dab rig. Rigs are susceptible to breaking as mostly they are made of glass. A small slip up and you no longer have the means to smoke any more of that expensive golden shatter you scored. Gifting a rig to your friend would make a resourceful gift that your best friend might need and remember you by.

Customized Crusher

Customers are crushing things now. Their sales and online purchases have shot up in the last couple of years. While crushers are common, customized crushers are not that popular. Many artists make customized crushers on order. It does take a while to process orders but the wait is always worth it. Knowing your best friend’s taste might help you to gift a customized crusher that your friend would just adore.


Whenever one says ‘stoner’ you would mostly imagine a guy smoking weed. Gifting a high-grade ounce of weed or as much as your pocket allows, should be on the priority list. If you can get your hands on a rare strain or come across good marijuana deals, you should instantly take it. Adding up to your friend’s collection of pots can be a bonus for you too in the end.

Psychedelic Tapestry

A tapestry is a piece of cloth that you can hang on a wall or a ceiling. A psychedelic tapestry is a common sight in a stoner’s room. No doubt your best friend would want to keep changing the look of the room so you can give a couple of pieces. These tapestries come in all shapes and sizes and you can have a nice time going through the thousands of beautiful options.

Reusable filters

Filters are used by every weed smoker. You can either make your filter or a roach from a sheet of roaches or you can use a filter bud directly. In both cases, there is a common factor which is that both these things are one-time use. You can not re-use a roach of a filter bud. Seeing this a lot of companies have started making reusable filter buds and these have gained immense popularity. The only drawback is the price because these are a bit more expensive than normal filters. So it might be quite thoughtful to give a big bag of these reusable filters that would last your friends months.

These are probably the best gifts for a stoner friend but there are a lot more options. It always depends upon the taste your friend has, but if you do not know your friend’s likes, you can probably have a glance at this list to make a decision.

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