The Unexpected Rise of the Awakening Starseeds Book Series

Awakening Starseeds: Shattering Illusions Volume 1 has been making waves online as a best-seller. The collaborative book packs nineteen authors and has been finding a following. Awakening Starseeds has been included in one of the largest Metaphysical Libraries in the World, Rogue Valley Metaphysical Library.

Fitting in perfectly with the Metaphysical Library genre. Here’s what the back cover description says:

We are in a time of great change. One where we must make a choice that will shape our collective destiny. We must choose to either wake up or continue to be a sleepwalker in the slumber of mundane life. Awakening Starseeds is filled with mystical experiences, abrupt awakenings, and real-life stories shared by nineteen authors worldwide. The authors offer their inner strength, vulnerability, and visions of an old and new paradigm. These stories are a bridge to other Starseeds looking for inspiration and guidance during these turbulent times. “

Radhaa Nilia, founder of Radhaa Publishing House and the Curator of Awakening Starseeds Series

“I had this vision of bringing together Starseeds from all over the world and creating something that would be timeless. Writing is a way of accessing your soul signature while sharing the human experience. I felt this would be invaluable for the authors and the readers.” And to have one of the largest metaphysical libraries in the world welcome it with open arms was a dream come true.” says Radhaa

Awakening Starseeds: Stories Beyond the Stargate Volume 2 is coming soon!

Awakening Starseeds: Shattering Illusions Volume 1 is the first kind of collaborative Starseed book to come out in the world. Awakening Starseeds has become an international community with authors coming from Asia, Europe, Canada, and, of course, the USA. Radhaa Publishing House curates this diverse collaborative series. Awakening Starseed Volume 2 will be released worldwide on July 4th.

Q. So, can you please tell us about Radhaa Publishing House and your focus on what type of books you like to work on?

Radhaa Publishing House is a boutique publishing house. Our focal point is on our collaborative book series, memoirs, and self-help books. Holistic, healing, and transformative stories by authors across the world. We offer multiple publishing packages to get your books out into the world. You choose which package feels aligned. From partial to full-service packages, we can help you make your writing dreams come true.

We embrace and empower the sacred journey of our writer. We know how much support is needed throughout the creative process and the logistics to finally launch a book. We assist our clients in owning the voice of their soul and feeling empowered in the process. We have a heart-centered dedicated publishing team that can help from start to finish. Most importantly, we fully empower our authors with all the tools to accomplish their dream. We’ve worked with over 37 authors to date, and this is what they are saying about working with Radhaa Publishing House.

Here’s what some of our authors are saying about working with us :

“I’m really glad that the word is getting out there about the Awakening Starseeds book and that we as starseeds can support each other and the collective. On a personal level for me, it’s quite a pleasant surprise, as in the book, I shared my story in a very authentic, vulnerable way with nothing but a pure intention to serve and inspire others. I had no ambitions other than to write as best as I can, make a difference, and create a positive impact. As it’s usually the case, when we’re being our true selves and give without expectations, we get the most rewards.” – Arramea, Awakening Starseeds Co-Author.

“I have published many books on Consciousness, empowerment subjects, and relationships, but I had never revealed raw, real stories of my life as was the opportunity with Awakening Starseeds. I wanted to join other authors writing personal stories, and Radhaa Publishing made it simple and empowering to share from the heart in a real, raw way. I was ready to reveal more of my back-story to this empowerment journey, and I am so excited to be on this team of conscious, awesome starseeds encouraging a revolution of awakening worldwide!” – Stasia, Awakening Starseeds Co-Author.

Lyn Pacificar, Radhaa Nilia, and Michelle Lopez share their chapters at a book signing event.

“I have gotten the courage not to be afraid to speak my truth and open myself to ask for help when I need it. That is what Radhaa Publishing has done for me. They helped me fully express my writings into manifestations, and I am grateful for this! Yes, Radhaa Publishing House made it easy and effortless to step into my writing power with their guidance. You, too, will experience this. Thank you, Radhaa Publishing House!” – Raziel, Awakening Starseeds Co-Author

“Visibility was a big piece of me coming out of the spiritual closet, and I felt that Radhaa Publishing House has a high energy and integrity level. Both of which are important for lightworkers and starseeds and our message. The curators are all Starseeds themselves, and Radhaa Publishing House created this wonderful opportunity for many others to see. I felt that they put their whole heart into making this happen even before, during, and after. It was a project that was supportive that made me feel safe to share myself and my story.” – Lalitha, Awakening Starseeds Co-Author.

“If anyone is interested in writing for Radhaa Publishing House, I am a testimonial to this! MY inner self, say go for it! So you too can do as I did! They will not steer you wrong and will help you with your journey as a writer. They did for all the co-authors of this beautiful book and especially for me. I know they firmly stand by that. Thank you so much, Radhaa Publishing House, for finding me and allowing me to share my voice and story. I am forever filled with gratitude for this life-changing and beautiful experience with Awakening Starseeds and Radhaa Publishing House.” – Cristal, Awakening Starseeds Co-Author.

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We empower the sacred journey of storytelling. We embrace diversity; we are grateful to bring authors and readers together globally. Radhaa Publishing House is opening author applications for the following Awakening Starseeds series. We have many more collaborative opportunities, and we look forward to working with you in making your writing dreams come true. Radhaa Publishing House:

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