Should You Get a Hydromassage?

You’ve been putting in long days at the office only to come home and do housework during your time off. Your back is sore, and muscles all over your body are aching. A massage sounds heavenly right about now.

But it’s too expensive, and you don’t have an hour or more to dedicate to a traditional massage.

Why not try a hydromassage? This water-based treatment is less expensive and takes less time than a traditional massage. Read on to learn why hydromassage might be right for you.

What Is Hydromassage?

As the name implies, hydromassage is a type of massage that uses water to deliver the therapy. Although hydromassage started in the 1960s, even the Ancient Greek’s used water-based therapy.

Traditional hydromassage involves immersion of the body in water. Then, pressurized jets massage the body. This type of massage is similar to a hot tub you may find at a hotel pool.

You don’t have to get wet to get a hydromassage. Dry therapy takes place on a table or chair filled with water. The jets inside the table then deliver pressure to your body.

Many facilities that offer traditional massage can also provide hydromassage. For example, Waterside Chiropractic offers dry hydromassage as one of its health and wellness services.

Benefits of Hydromassage

Like traditional massage, there are several hydromassage benefits. When you’re stressed, you might tense your muscles or clench your jaw.

Hydromassage helps you relax by reducing stress. This allows you to relax your muscles and enables you to feel better.

Massage is known to help relieve pain and reduce soreness. Hydromassage does this as well but in less time. Instead of spending an hour getting a traditional massage, you can get a complete hydromassage treatment in 15 minutes.

One of the most attractive benefits of hydromassage is that it increases circulation. Doctors have seen improvements in cardiac patients who received hydromassage treatment.

Hydromassage is a low-risk way to relax and relieve pain. However, pregnant people and those with bleeding disorders or hypertension should not get a hydromassage.

When determining if a hydromassage is right for you, it is crucial to be aware of potential side effects. Hydromassage side effects are rare, but you should know about them before committing to a treatment.

You can get burned if the water used in treatment is too hot. Some clients experience bruising or skin irritation, especially if they have eczema. In sporadic cases, people have experienced blood clots and fractures.

Despite these side effects, most people will find hydromassage beneficial. However, if you have any concerns about handling hydromassage, speak with your doctor before making an appointment.

Reduce Stress and Relax

Massage is an essential treatment for reducing stress and pain. Hydromassage is an inexpensive and time-efficient way to get the same therapeutic benefits. Book a hydromassage appointment today and get your body on a path to wellness.

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