When to see the Northern Lights in Iceland

Northern Lights

Nearing the heart of the Arctic, one can’t help but be mesmerized by the sight of brilliant colors. Being painted on the canvas of the sky by the hands of Mother Nature. If one is lucky enough to experience this scene, then one will be awed by it. One’s vivid descriptions of these Northern Lights to one’s friends and families will not be able to do justice to them. One must witness these lights to see for oneself, no description, no matter how detailed, can paint that moment for you. So when to go and where?

What are the Northern Lights?

Northern Lights are caused due to the collisions between ions emanated by the Sun and gases in the atmosphere above the Polar Regions. Which are rich in magnetism. These lights tend to be mirrors of each other in the North and the South. Their colors vary from white to green to pink to purple.

Northern Lights

Figure 1: Photo by Lightscape on Unsplash

Iceland – your destination for Northern Lights

Iceland stands proudly amongst one of the best destinations to witness this epic scenery in the northern hemisphere. But one must not be deceived. It is not guaranteed that you’ll get to see these lights. Northern Lights tend to be elusive and seeing them is based on a little bit of luck and a lot of foresight.

When to go?

The season for the Northern Lights depends heavily on darkness. The dark sky contrasts brilliantly with the luminescent gases that emanate these lights. Hence, September to mid-April is the favorable duration. The skies are dark and our chances of seeing the Northern Lights are high.

Before you go, do plan every aspect. Information is always available on the internet about the probability of a sighting, based on cloud cover, etc. If you’re lucky enough to see these lights then you’ll surely remember the scene for the rest of your lives

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