What To Do When Exasperated With Your Lack Of Weight Loss Progress

We totally understand that losing weight can be tough. Not only does it require that you focus on better habits while giving up some of your bad (yet comfortable) practices you may have curated over years, but you have to stay disciplined in this effort, and remain totally patient with seeing progress slowly develop, rather than come overnight.

So, if you’ve managed to approximate all of that, but still find that you’re having a tough time making progress? It’s not hard to see why some people can feel exasperated with this state of affairs, to the point where they wish to swear off the pursuit all together and fall back into their habits prior.

But don’t lose heart. A lack of progress signifies that something may be going wrong with your strategy, and that can and should be fixed. Consider this not as an obstacle, but as a healthy challenge for you to reassess and re-engage with the plan you have been using thus far. In this post, we’ll discuss how you can achieve that:

Consider A New Approach

It’s okay to try a new approach if you think your current strategy is ineffective or if you’re simply tired of trying to keep up with it. For instance, a weight loss diet is not necessarily only defined by the amount of calories you consume. While this is an essential part of losing weight, you may also find that the added ease by which keto diets help maintain your appetite while also helping you eat nutritionally dense and high calorie foods can be a novel approach to take, helping you learn an entirely new viewpoint of what weight loss and body management means.

Measure Each Metric

It’s very important to measure each metric that you feel could have gone wrong. For instance, were you tracking the foods you ate using an app that calculates your daily calories and macronutrients? MyFitnessPal, and Zero can prove to be a great way of both scanning food and timing your intermittent fasting each day. The more you measure, the more you can understand where the problems lie, and from there you’re much more likely to find a competent solution.

Set New Goals & Reassert Discipline

It’s a healthy idea to set new goals and reassert discipline when you can. Wow, so you’ve lost 10kg in the last few months but feel you could lose some more after putting 2kg back on? Well, that’s 8kg you’ve lost overall, congratulations! That’s not nothing. It might just be that reasserting your approach, reminding yourself of what you’re doing this for, and then taking a positive step in the right direction can be tremendously freeing, and could potentially help you feel like a better, more streamlined, more certain you. That’s a wonderful manner in which to reload and start over again, from the plateau you have already achieved.

With this advice, you need not be exasperated with your weight loss progress, because you’ll already be back on the right path.

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