The New Line By Louis Vuitton Jeff Koons Collaboration

Louis Vuitton Jeff Koons collaboration has swept the media by surprise. The team is working on revolutionizing the handbags industry.

What started as a rumor has been finally confirmed true. The pillars of the fashion industry have collaborated to come up with a killer fashion label. And the pieces are already making significant fashion statement. So where did these two distinct careers start?

A brief History

Jeff is known for his revolutionary children toys and vacuum cleaners. Having studied art in college, he brags several artistic pieces in his line of achievements. The most famous being the balloon dogs and the sculpture of Michael Jackson. He has won multiple awards since the 1980s when he first launched his career.

Louis Vuitton is the French fashion brand known for its elite quality and cost. As early as 1852, Louis had his fashion career working for the then French emperor’s wife. Since then he continued to acquire high-class clientele. Maybe this explains why his brand still targets the high-end society, right? After his demise, his brand was taken over by his son George who now continues to mesmerize the fashion industry.

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Brand Collaboration

Louis vuitton Jeff Koons collaboration has swept the media by surprise. The team is working on revolutionizing the handbags industry. Jeff’s artistic talent combined with Louis’ canvas stitching skills was an excellent idea. In addition to bags, Jeff Koons Louis Vuitton collaboration has come up with stylish key chains, wallets, scarves and laptop sleeves.

Louis Vuitton is a brand already known for classic leather bags. Incorporating a little artistic touch only means his loyal clientele will get to enjoy even more elegant pieces. Some notable pieces include the tiger hunt, the Mona Lisa, and the Wheat Field with Cypresses. If you are familiar with these paintings, then you know for sure the product is good.

The Future

Jeff koons louis Vuitton collaboration is promising a great future ahead for the fashion industry. They’ve started crafting ornaments using the same design concept. A watch is definitely in the pipeline as hinted by the Jeff.

Bottom Line

Just like in the past, these fashion accessories are not promising cheaper prices. A key chain will cost you $585 while a bag will cost you $4,000. But hey, high-end brands have never been cheap, right? Save a few bucks and get yourself these timeless pieces. You can never go wrong with a piece or two of designer fashions. They always speak volumes about you, especially in social gatherings

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