5 Ways to Keep Your Travel Memories Forever

Travelling is an otherworldly experience that generates remarkable transformations in your life. Therefore, there is a pressing need to store these memories and relive them in the future physically. Furthermore, these moments make up your portfolio for a life well-lived when you are older.

Fortunately, technology has simplified our data storage options. For example, you no longer have to have two to three albums of your travel experiences. Also, the new methods are retrievable at any moment in time, as long as you have access to a mobile device.

The following are some of the ways you could adapt to your travel and mummify your memories:

Take Photos

With the demand for social media sharing, you would benefit from creating a virtual album of your travels on Instagram or Facebook. Furthermore, you can store these photos on iCloud- the infinite data storage platform.

If you want access to those memories, all you need to do is learn how to restore the iPhone from iCloud. Fortunately, as long as these photos go back up to iCloud, you can retrieve them anytime in the near or far future.

Create videos

During vacation, all the videos you collect, store them in an external hard drive. Since videos genuinely depict the emotions and your expression at that moment in time- they are more precious than frozen images. In addition, you can talk about your aspirations of that time and that will be a wake-up call in the moments you review those videos.

Create Vacation Jars

Vacation jars can contain any souvenirs from your journey abroad. This paraphernalia can be forms of currency, brooches, pins and tiny flags. Sometimes, jewelry and pieces of art can suffice. But, in the end, what you put in those jars should remind you of your travel lifestyle.

Looking back at fond memories is therapeutic in itself, especially when you are mentally drifting away or losing grasp of reality. In addition, your travel experiences can be a source of inspiration to pursue particular lifestyles or objectives.

Journaling Your Travel Experiences

If you love to write, don’t overlook the vitality of writing your thoughts and feelings as you move from one region of the world to another. Journaling in notebooks with labels of where you had been is a monumental form of bringing your memories to life.

In the future, you might need a contact or acquaintance you met on your travels, and there is a high chance you will have their connection in your journal. Indeed, journaling is a most wholesome means of storing memories from any life experience. Moreover, you can add extra information, as the lessons learnt.

Create a website for Your Memories

Having a lifestyle and travel blog is also another sustainable way to share your travel memories with others. A blog is also stored in the cloud and is retrievable on demand. There is no limitation on what you can share; therefore, be as flexible as possible.

Moreover, blogging can generate extra income to fund more travel experiences. For instance, through affiliate links, you can get commissions to sustain your regular travels expenses.

Final Thoughts

Unfortunately, memory capacity is a fleeting ability as you get older. In most cases, you will not remember most of your experiences when you get past seventy. Therefore, the above means of data storage will keep your mind refreshed and rejuvenated. Furthermore, the more you use your mind in old age, the more active it becomes.

Image Credit: Photo by Andre Furtado from Pexels

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