Ways To Create An Effective Youtube Intro

YouTube Intro

YouTube first launched its website back in 2005. Over the years, people have started using this, and now it is the most used video streaming website. With over 1.8 billion users, YouTube takes the second position being the most famous social media platform. Three former PayPal employees first started this website, and in the year 2006, Google bought it for $1.65 billion.

As YouTube started to gain popularity, many people came to this platform to make money. With each passing day, many content creators started uploading various videos. People can find many videos on that platform such as comedy, educational, art, music and many more. On average people spend 40 minutes regularly on this platform. YouTube intro plays a massive role in audience engagement. If your video does not have a catchy intro, audiences will click out. People can find various free YouTube intro makers online and use it to create their YouTube intro. 

When someone plans to open their YouTube channel, the first step is to create videos. After they shoot the video, it requires editing. Although people can find various editing software, most of them cost a lot of money. Those who want to use a budget-friendly option should visit InVideo. The website does not charge any money and provides a plethora of features. This easy video maker offers a large number of customizable templates for your YouTube intro. Customers can also use other features such as animation, transition and graphics. 

Youtube Intro

Why do you need a YouTube intro?

Majority of the YouTube video consists of an intro. When we watch any YouTube video, the first thing we notice is their intro. Most of the channel includes an intro, which helps the viewers recognize the brand. The first few seconds of any video plays a crucial part for the content creators. If the intro does not look creative and catchy, the audience will click out. It results in a low audience engagement rate. As we know the first impression matters a lot, the YouTube intro should look visually appealing and catchy for the viewers to get hooked. Make sure the intro consists of the first 5 seconds. If it takes up more time, then viewers lose their patience to stay and watch the actual content. Hence it is vital to make a YouTube intro for your video but keep it short and simple. You can add your brand or page name, logo and music effect, which will help your audience recognize you. People can also include a trailer in their intro to show what the viewers will watch in the video. It can help build curiosity within the audience, and they stay back to watch the entire video. 

What should I keep in mind when making a YouTube intro?

When making a YouTube intro, people should keep certain things in mind. 

· Make it short and creative. No one likes to watch a video that starts with boring content. 

· Do not make the YouTube intro more than 5 seconds long. People often lose their patience and click out if the video intro is too long.

· Make the YouTube intro fun. It will keep your viewers hooked to the screen and want to watch the whole video.

· Add your channel or brand name and logo. It will help your audience recognize you, and they also remember you for a long time. 

What are the video ideas that creators should try?

When content creators’ starts to develop videos, they need to focus on a topic. It is essential to have various ideas to keep on creating videos for YouTube. Now we will discuss a few video ideas that one can use for their YouTube video.

1. Introduce yourself

It is essential for your audience to know who you are for them to stay and watch your video. First, start with an introductory video. In this video, introduce yourself and talk about what type of content you will post on your channel. You can also mention your likes, dislikes, hobbies, which days you will upload and many other things. But be careful to not share personal information with your audiences, such as your address or bank details. 

2. Tutorials

With the introduction of YouTube, most of us go to this platform to learn new things. There are tutorials available for everything such as art, music, educational, scientific and many more. If you have a decent idea about a particular subject and want to help others, then start making tutorials. Most of us depend on these tutorial videos, so this is a great way to increase audience engagement. 

3. Product reviews

Before buying any product, customers like to go through its review. Nowadays, most of us tune in to YouTube and check the reviews for certain products. Especially when we need to make a big purchase such as software or a camera, we tend to check out the reviews first and then make the purchase. Make a YouTube video and share your views on a particular product and whether you would recommend it or not. 

4. Unboxing

If you have ordered a bunch of things online, then try and convert it into a video. Unboxing videos have many viewers, and people love to see what their favourite YouTubers purchased. Try to create an unboxing video and share your thoughts and views about those products with your viewers. 

5. 30-days challenge

People love to watch and indulge in a good challenge. Nowadays most of the YouTubers are coming up with a 30 days challenge. It can increase your audience number by a lot. To increase the viewers make sure to collaborate with another content creator. Besides, it will make your viewers even more enthusiast to watch your video and check the result after a month. You can choose from a variety of topics to do the challenge such as drawing every day and check the improvement, losing weight, taking a self-portrait, learning a new language, and many more.

By following these ideas, content creators can make some of the best videos for their YouTube channel. 

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