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In the past 2 decades, wood usage in the making of windows has dropped to half and the material to replace it has been vinyl. This is definitely not to say that wooden windows have lost their charm because there is nothing more eye-pleasing than a good old intricate mahogany window frame. It is only an indicator of how vinyl has become its toughest competitor.

Wooden windows and doors

Despite all the competition, wood windows are still extremely popular due to their aesthetic looks and the durability factor. The most common wood window types are Pine, Oak, Alder, Cedar, etc. There are costlier high-end options like Mahogany which makes your house look very elegant.

Vinyl windows and doors

Vinyl windows are cheaper and easy to install. They are made from polyvinyl chloride, which makes them very durable. Most of the people who go for vinyl replacement windows, actually ditch aesthetic for price and that is totally understandable considering there are other aspects to building your dream house.

Comparing these two:

While wooden doors and windows have their own advantages, vinyl is also preferred by many people. Below are major points of comparison and distinction between the two for you to decide which one should be your preference:


To install sturdy-looking wooden windows and doors is always pretty high on the checklist of people while envisioning their dream house. But it obviously takes a major hit as soon as the budget comes into play. It is difficult for everyone to be able to afford the luxury of wooden windows.

But this is exactly where vinyl windows score. They are cheaper and certainly not bad to look at, given the variety of options available in the market. People who opt for vinyl above wood do so because of their shrinking budgets because although your window frames are a huge part of your house, there are other expenditures to be taken care of.


Like we have mentioned before, polyvinyl chloride makes vinyl windows and doors extremely durable. But durability is something in which wood is unrivaled. Vinyl windows have a high risk of melting when exposed to very high temperatures.

Wooden windows are more like a solid investment, which increases the resale value of your property by leaps and bounds. It is extremely long-lasting and spending extra bucks for this type of quality is certainly acceptable to the majority of people who opt for wood frames.


Vinyl windows might not be the most durable option available, but they certainly are the easiest to maintain. They do not burn in a fire, don’t splinter and rot.

Meanwhile, wooden windows catch fire easily and are susceptible to splintering and rotting over time. They are high maintenance in comparison to simple vinyl windows.


Well, here we have entered the zone of comparison which is totally owned by wood doors and windows. They can be dyed in any color that you want and a good, polished finish is enough to make your humble abode look grand.

While vinyl windows themselves are not bad-looking by any standards, they are no match for vintage wooden windows.


With the price, comes the laborious task of installation. Wood windows are way harder to install than vinyl ones and you need skilled workers for the former.

Even the installation cost for vinyl windows is lesser in comparison to wooden ones. For a hassle-free and affordable process, vinyl windows are preferred.


While vinyl windows provide good enough insulation, wooden windows are excellent insulators. Though vinyl is poor in conduction, which is good, these windows are also hollow, allowing cold air to pass easily.

Meanwhile, the windows of wood are very energy efficient because of the insulation factor.


So, you can see for yourself that both wood and vinyl have their pros and cons and it is for you to see which one fits your house more. While vinyl windows and doors are easy on your pockets, wood windows elevate the entire look of your dream house. Choose what suits you, your personality, your budget and most importantly, your house more. Both wood and vinyl are trusted, safe options with plenty of advantages.

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